Manitobans, including the former Canadian ambassador to the United States, reacted with near universal shock and disgust when violent pro-Trump extremists stormed the US Capitol Building Wednesday afternoon

“This is a very dark chapter in their democracy,” said Gary Doer, former Canadian Ambassador to the United States and former Prime Minister of Manitoba

“Today is basically charging the emotion that the election was stolen and cheering on the Trump people who eventually became rioters,” Doer


Officials said the Capitol was secured after protesters supported US President Donald Trump forcibly stormed the Chamber of the House to prevent President-elect Joe Biden from being certified, leaving a woman dead

The Metropolitan Police Department of Washington, DC.said the woman, who was shot dead during the Capitol building protest, died in a nearby hospital No further details were given

Doer said the Canadian Embassy is about a 10-minute walk from Capitol Hill, a walk he “has taken with” tremendous certainty “on several occasions as the Canadian Ambassador”

“I think there will be a lot of postmortems about what happened and why it happened”

House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi told CNN that if the Capitol is “released for use,” congressional leaders will resume the joint session Wednesday night to certify Biden as president

Respect for the democratic process and peaceful transfer of power is a cornerstone of democracy – as Canadians we deeply appreciate that. Our thoughts go with those working in the US Capitol for their security and for a quick de-escalation of the developing worrying situation / p>

“Respect for the democratic process and peaceful transfer of power is a cornerstone of democracy – as Canadians we deeply appreciate that,” he wrote on social media

“Our thoughts are with those who work in the US Capitol for your safety and for a quick de-escalation of the unfolding disruptive situation ”

Trisha Kamani, an American, lives in Winnipeg and worked with elected Vice President Kamala Harris when Harris was serving as the district attorney in San Francisco

“Peaceful protest has always been an important mechanism of our democracy. But what we’re seeing this afternoon in the US Capitol is utterly reprehensible ”

She was shocked that there was no major police presence at all, said Kamani, noting greater presence at other protests

“In any case, there should have been a stronger police presence. I’ve been in this building many, many times. It’s not easy to get in,” said Kamani

“I really wonder how you can even get into the Speaker (Nancy Pelosi) office and personal chambers and sit in your chair, leave your notes and incite such violence everywhere”

Former Winnipegger Rick Boland currently resides in Colorado and said the protests had spread to several U across the country Cities, including his own

“You know, I went overseas to fight for democracy and now I’m watching it erode here in my own garden horribly”

Boland, who grew up in Winnipeg, said his family left Ukraine to escape the violence and Ukrainians who celebrated Christmas on Wednesday will think about the country they left behind

“It’s really hard to imagine I mean, my family left Ukraine because of a revolution and they never recovered. You can’t solve the bell”

“This is a reminder that democracy needs our attention and that it can be fragile,” added Boland

“The fear and frustration and disgust we feel here in Colorado tonight, hope this will motivate the people of Canada to realize that there must be a role for politeness in democracy”

Ben Miller, acting chairman of the overseas Democrats based in Winnipeg, said he was appalled to see the violence

“These are crimes these people commit and therefore they deserve to be tried for them,” he said

Miller called on President Trump’s actions, including a video the President sent out telling protesters to go home but also telling them, “We love you, you are a very special people””

“He’s a greedy, selfish person and tries to burn the house down on the way out And I think he needs to be held accountable for that I don’t know what they got to this guy just two weeks before Joe Biden’s inauguration can do ”

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