Canada is stopping incoming flights from the UK 72 hours to prevent a new strain of coronavirus from spreading, according to a statement from Health Canada

The policy goes into effect on Monday at midnight for all commercial and personal passenger flights

Passengers coming to Canada on Sunday from the UK will also receive “secondary screening and enhanced measures, including enhanced review of quarantine plans,” the statement said. Travelers arriving in Canada are currently required to be quarantined for 14 days upon entry This policy persists

“Our government will continue to do whatever is necessary to protect the health of Canadians. These additional measures will give public health officials time to gather further evidence and reduce the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19,” Health Minister Patty Hajdu said in a statement

The policy does not affect cargo flights or stopovers where passengers do not disembark This emerges from a notice to Airmen sent by NAV Canada

The statement states that the strain K circulating in the U was not identified in Canada and the work continues to check for the presence

The move comes after members of the federal government met to discuss the new variant of the novel coronavirus, which has spread rapidly in the UK and resulted in travel bans from several European countries on Sunday

“This afternoon @JustinTrudeau and I are meeting with our colleagues and officials from the Incident Response Group to discuss the genetic variant of the virus that is causing COVID-19 identified in the UK,” Hajdu said on Twitter on Sunday. p>

This afternoon @JustinTrudeau and I are meeting with our colleagues and officials from the Incident Response Group to discuss the genetic variant of the virus that is causing COVID-19 identified in the UK

The new COVID-19 variant was first reported by the UK government in London, England, on Monday, which resulted in stricter lockdown restrictions across the city

Until Sunday morning, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Germany had blocked flights from the UK Curb the spread of the virus, despite debate among scientists as to whether travel bans are the most effective way to limit the spread of the virus

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said early data from Saturday showed the variant was 70 percent more transmissible than its predecessor, but stressed that it would not be expected to be any more deadly than the previous variant, and that vaccines would not be expected should continue to be effective against these

“There’s no evidence that it causes more severe illness or higher mortality, but it appears to be much more easily passed on,” he said

“Although there is considerable uncertainty, it can be up to 70 percent more transmissible than the old variant, the original version of the disease. These are early data that need review”

“But it’s the best we have right now, and we have to respond to information as we have it because it’s now spreading very quickly,” said Johnson

Zain Chagla, associate professor of medicine at McMaster University, said it was important to be careful, but there were alternative solutions to close borders

“In theory, the risk should theoretically be reduced as much as possible, even if it is more transmissible, as long as we effectively quarantine people from the UK who are flying back from the UK,” he said

To that end, Chagla noted that COVID-19 variants could already develop in other parts of the world, independent of that in the USAK

“There could be other variants in other places in the world that don’t do this type of genomic surveillance and are actually spreading more efficiently,” he said

In a statement on Sunday, Conservative health critic Michelle Rempel Garner called on the Trudeau government to provide Canadians with more information about the new variant

Rempel Garner asked the Trudeau government a series of questions, including whether current tests can identify the new variant and whether the federal government has had contact with the provinces

“Are action needed to address this new burden, and if so, what plans does the federal government have in this regard?” The statement is

She said that if the government is considering a travel ban they must make it clear to Canadians and their reasons for doing so as soon as possible. ”

The news comes as Canada marks a grim milestone after rising cases of COVID-19, the 500 on Saturday000 confirmed infections exceeds

By Saturday night, the country had 501189 cases reported, reaching the grim milestone less than a week after the federal government officially launched its mass vaccination campaign and started vaccinating frontline workers

Bloc Quebecois leader Yves-Francois Blanchet urged the government to follow Europe’s lead and impose a travel ban on Britain to prevent the burden from reaching Canada

“It will take a few months to contain the pandemic, especially if the number of (vaccine) doses available remains far too low,” Blanchet said in a statement published in French

“If a variant of COVID-19 spread faster among vulnerable people, the effects on people’s health, as well as the health system and staff already under tremendous pressure, could be devastating”

Jagmeet Singh, chairman of the NDP, called on Twitter and wrote: “With vaccines still very rare, it will be a disaster if this new tribe breaks up here in vulnerable populations

“We need more information, but until we know more, flights from the UK must be suspended”

Currently, scientists say these mutations, known as the “N501” and “H69 / V70 deletions”, are expected in the case of a new virus and should not be a cause for concern

Every new mutation “has to be watched a little”, Dr Gerald Evans, chairman of the Infectious Disease Department at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont said in an earlier interview with Global News

Colin Furness, an epidemiologist at the University of Toronto, said, “People shouldn’t be freaking out”

“It doesn’t really want to kill anyone. This is a byproduct that is not useful. It just wants to spread”

Even if there’s a mutation that is spreading faster, Furness said, “Just because there’s a mutation doesn’t mean the vaccine has problems with it, and even if the vaccine has problems with it, it may not be catastrophic””


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