Quarterback Cam Newton ended week 17 with one of his best performances with the New England Patriots

The question that Bill Belichick will grapple with over the coming months is whether Newton’s week 17 performance – and his others like it in 2020 – will be enough to warrant a new contract for quarterback Newton, expected in 2021 Joining the free agency after his one-year contract with the Patriots expired in March He has regularly stated that he loves playing for New England – and even said he wishes he had more time with Belichick – but he has not clarified whether he would like to stay with the Patriots this year

“Listen, I have my desires I know where my heart is I know things for who I am But as far as I can, I can’t really talk about them right now,” Newton told reporters on Sunday evening. “But only mine all the time here in New England has been a blessing I’ve learned so much about myself, about great teammates, amazing coaching yeah so I just see how it goes, go from there ”

According to Jeff Howe of The Athletic, the Patriots have yet to decide if they will keep Newton’s Newton’s 2020 deal was $ 1 million, the veteran’s minimum salary, but the contract included escalators based on performance / p>

New England will be ranked 15th in the 2021 NFL Draft Overall rank making choices, and the team will also have about $ 60 million cap space on free hand.It’s a very different situation than it was in 2020 when they were 23 total and when they opened the free Agency almost ran out of space

It seems Newton and Patriots fans will have to wait for Belichick to figure out how to deal with the Patriots’ quarterback situation

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Cam Newton

World News – CA – Cam Newton gets cryptic when asked about his future with Patriots

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