This season is going to feel like a baseball season due to the unusual schedule of avoiding travel, the major leagues have two game sets and three series of games The goal has always been to sweep a two game set and win two out of three in a three-game series. If you do this all season, you will win the pennant. This is the first game for the Montreal Canadiens to revisit the Edmonton Oilers after beating the Edmonton Oilers 5-1 on Saturday compete On Wednesday, the Habs will begin a three-game streak with the Canucks in Vancouver with a clear goal of winning two out of three. This is how the season will go: Gain momentum against opponents who are not satisfied with divisions and lose never the end of a three-game series

So see you in Edmonton on Monday evening when the Canadiens made a sweep that paved the way for a strong start to the season. It was the first start for Jake Allen and Montreal won 3-1

The Montreal Canadiens’ special teams last year were an Achilles cure for the club.They were brutal on both sides of the equation last season.This season, the Montreal power play is the first in the entire National Hockey League that had penalty shootouts a tough first night in Toronto that allowed for three power play goals from Maple Leafs, but since then the Habs have done an excellent job against an equally deadly power play from Edmonton in the first phase, Canadians were understaffed just under six minutes in a row with guns like Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl sure didn’t like the Canadians’ chances, but they managed to kill all the time and allow only three shots on goal, which included a 5v3 power play time for Edmonton

The Habs have been extremely aggressive towards the puck holder you didn’t see at all last season Nick Suzuki has turned into a penalty who reads the game very well to break odds you wouldn’t think of in its second season that Suzuki would already be an effective penalty kick, but his hockey sense goes well beyond his years.The power of Shea Weber and Ben Chiarot should also be taken into account as their physicality is fierce in front of the net.In the second phase, they had to take one immediately take another penalty and this time it was Jake Evans who shone with extremely fast feet to win a puck in the Edmonton corner Then he protected him for 15 seconds. The Oilers were unsuccessful with seven chances in the game. With McDavid and Draisaitl on the ice most of the time? Nothing is predictable Nothing

Nick Suzuki has a great game again, judgment needs to be pondered for at least a couple of months as to whether this is a true first-line center with a point-per-game potential, but it is safe for this kid inclined in that direction Suzuki has tremendous intelligence and vision Skating, shooting, passing – these things are all so important, of course – but if you have those skills, but only bring silly decisions to the ice, you are limited.Suzuki is beyond its years wise He has the skills but what you’ll really love over the years are the decisions he makes Like the one who put the Habs 2-0 lead late in the second half, he’s in a rush and goes the right one Page down there are players charging the net The game seems like a dump on goal, hoping for the best moment. Instead, Suzuki slows the game down and waits for Shea Weber to follow suit t It’s Weber who actually goes to goal and then on his own rebound behind the net scores a goal that he gets from the back of Mikko Koskinen’s head Weber with the aim but nothing happens without Suzuki’s superior workmanship His wits for the game is just great What an acquisition for GM Marc Bergevin from Vegas One of his best trades ever and he has had a lot of good trades

Joel Edmundson is now absolutely finding his way for Canadians on their blue line In fact, all Canadian defenders are an absolute handful of the physicality they bring with each pairing is not at all comfortable for the opposition if it’s not Shea Weber who checked you ahead of the net it’s Ben Chiarot Edmundson’s third game it is clear he loves looking head down the center line for the open ice check on a striker he’s about to cause serious pain to someone Same scenario for Alexander Romanov, who also wants to rise and destroy.These are four of the six defenders who are extremely physical.The Canadiens may only have the top six in the entire North Division.They may have had the worst six last season Put the Players Get into the roles they can deal with and everything will be easier for everyone You kept Edmonton with one Goal on Saturday and one goal on Monday Impressive

Jake Allen played his first game on the net for the Canadiens and it was a memorable one for the former Montreal junior goalkeeper Allen stood out against the highscoring Oilers and frustrated them all night What the difference a strong backup can make This would probably have been one for the pillar of loss with the backups of the last few seasons. For everyone it was almost a failure to lose two minutes before the end

The Canadiens defeated them in two games against the high-profile Edmonton Oilers – a team with two of the best scorers in the world – with a combined 8-2. The two players, who can hardly be kept off the board in 120 minutes of hockey, received one Point: McDavid with one point and Draisaitl with none In the overall standings there are five out of six possible points to start the season for Montreal So there is certainly nothing to do in this area of ​​Wild Goats

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There’s a theory in sport that you can only go as far as your best players take you. How far can this Montreal Canadiens team go? How much success can this team actually have?

For the answer, we have to look at NHL history of what kind of composition wins a Stanley Cup. The key components of a championship are winning the middle and a pair of 30-minute stud defenders

Historically, the champions have had a dominant player in the middle position Joe Sakic, Peter Forsberg, Pavel Datsyuk, Patrice Bergeron, Anze Kopitar, Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier and Vincent Lecavalier are some and the list is endless in fact, you can find it almost every year a dominant center Only the New Jersey Devils and St Louis Blues, who have won their trophies with depth rather than stars, are masters with no dominant center

Even without a dominant defensive pair, a team is unlikely to hold the trophy. A pair of 60 minutes out of 60 controls an entire game if it is good enough

What is, oddly enough, not essential for a champion is a goalkeeper with a high pedigree.History has shown that it’s more about who’s hot at the right time.There are a ton of cup winners’ goalkeepers who only then come into the hall of fame when they pay for a ticket Antti Niemi was good enough to win a trophy for a year Jordan Binnington got hot enough to win a trophy for a year The goalkeeping position apparently all comes down to the timing of the playoffs If you don’t say the family tree is going to hurt you, this is not a must in the cup victory formula

First, they have the pedigree goalkeeper, but they also need them to get hot Pedigree is nothing when you’ve played so many games in the playoffs that you are exhausted and physically beaten, so this season is for Carey Price the best opportunity to take a team far since joining the league Two reasons: Price has a good substitute goalkeeper who relieves him in Jake Allen, and the season only includes 56 instead of 82 games These two reasons could give Price the chance To be at its best both mentally and physically at the start of the postseason

On defense, the Habs don’t have a 30-minute pair to dominate a game, but they have most of the talent they’ve had on the blue line in a long time. Shea Weber plays tough hockey Ben Chiarot plays the best hockey of his Careers Alexander Romanov Might Just Be a 30 Minute Defensive Player for Years to Come Jeff Petry just keeps getting better with age It’s a deep and talented defense If you don’t have a 30 minute pair, check out the first few pairs in the North Division Best Corsi so far is Jake Muzzin and Justin Holl of the Leafs Looking at the North Division, there is no dominating pair with the Canadians by no means overwhelmed as they attempt to hit the last four this season and take a deep look Goalkeepers and defenders

That brings us to the only question mark: The feared win the middle; Winning the game The Centers of Canadians need to grow this season to win that middle of the ice against some of the best in the league Nick Suzuki is improving so fast but he’s not in the senior class yet Jesperi Kotkaniemi is making progress too, but he is not reached the point where he can win the middle Philip Danault is the most tried and tested in this area, but rather defensive

While you can’t see anyone better than Carey Price in the North Division, and you can’t see anyone better than Shea Weber and Ben Chiarot and even Alexander Romanov in the top pair in place of Chiarot by the end of the season, you can’t do the same in the middle say

In Toronto there are players like Auston Matthews and John Tavares who can play a game on their necks In Edmonton you have Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl In Vancouver you have Elias Pettersson and Bo Horvat In Winnipeg you have Mark Scheifele In Calgary you have you Sean Monahan All over the north there are major challenges facing the young centers in Montreal, and maybe they just can’t go up against the Matthews of the ice hockey world this year to make that happen

The rebuttal will be that no one has better depth than the Canadians, and in the regular season, depth is more important.In the playoffs, the benches are cut – fourth row and third pair get a lot fewer minutes to make the stars Shine That’s how it has been in all of hockey history. The last 50 years can only refer to the blues and devils in the terrible era of the traps of teams winning with depth rather than star power

Where are the Canadians then? In goal and defense they are right as the best at the mix. In the middle position they are overall insufficient in terms of experience and star power, at least for the moment, until we see the final blanket from Nick Suzuki

With this season finishing in the bottom four places by only beating the other Canadian teams, the Montreal Canadiens feel like they are winning the north and a place in the conference finals

It’s obviously about health, but since we can’t predict who will stay healthy and who will either injure or get COVID-19 for the big game, this seems like the year of the Canadians It depends so much on Nick Suzuki ab He must be able to compete with Matthews and Horvat and the others

But if he can’t, look for Price best and his first pair best

They’re not ready for a trophy run when they go up against teams like Colorado and Tampa, which clearly have all the major components but look to Canada when the goal and defense are inferior to the Canadians and the middle position is the Nur the weakness of the Canadians, Montreal’s chance is as good or better than any other team in the north to hit the last four

So you heard it here first: The Montreal Canadiens will make it to the conference finale

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