Brad Pitt recently turned 57 Birthday and received thousands of birthday messages from fans online – an unusual tweet from Shaina TwainTwain went to Twitter in honor of the actor’s birthday for an extraordinary piece of news that caught everyone’s attention

In the tweet, the Nation artist includes a cheeky, kissable confrontation emoji that some people have pondered – did Twain get her shot fair with Pitt ?! Well … not exactly For one, Twain is happily tied to her spouse, Frédéric Thiébaud, and besides, the tweet is nothing more than some great old jokes See the stupid tweet below!

In case you’re wondering why (and how) Twain wasn’t impressed with Pitt a long time ago, the singer has finally figured out why she included the current Pitt title in her 2017 hit tune Billboard / p>
She told the point of sale that her reason for deleting the name on the screen was due to an embarrassment that unfolded at the time over nude photos of Pitt and his then-engaged fiancée Gwyneth Paltrow in Playgirl / p>

Twain checked that there was “all the anger” and TBH, it was fair, didn’t inspire her. “Fairly I thought,” I don’t know what this object is about “I think that doesn’t inspire me very much , I cruel what the whole object is”We see naked people every day,” she told Bulletin, “I really thought I didn’t pick Brad Pitt But that was fair belonging at this minute and things we make objects almost and everything, of course, any colorful guy could have been ”

In case we got what we undoubtedly got, so to speak, was an epic response from Pitt right now, I guess we’re keeping our fingers crossed for Shaina Twain to make another exception next year!

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