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Full House patriarch Bob Saget talks about longtime co-star Lori Loughlin after completing her sentence for her role in the college admissions scandal

Loughlin, 56, returned home in late December after completing her two-month sentence with the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Dublin, Calif. Saget appeared on Tuesday’s “Inside of You With Michael Rosenbaum,” podcast in which he appeared revealed his first reaction to Loughlin’s arrest and subsequent trials for her role in the bribery scandal

“I love her,” said Saget to Rosenbaum, also an actor, “I’ve been asked a lot [on Loughlin’s legal issues] Oh, I’ve been carved down, I just love her”

Lori Loughlin returned to her California home in December after completing her two-month sentence for her role in the college admissions scandal
(Jon Kopaloff / FilmMagic)

“I don’t know. I would love to see how many other people have time,” Saget continued. “We’re in a place where no matter what I say I’m nuts and just love them. I’m in it “

Loughlin’s legal troubles have been made very public in recent years along with her husband Mossimo Giannulli as the scandal exposed the rich and famous who had cheated large amounts of money for scams to get their children to the most prestigious colleges in the country, UniversitiesLoughlin Sentenced to two months in prison in August, while her husband is currently behind bars as a fashion designer for five months for similar crimes

Rosenbaum said he understands the feeling of disbelief that comes with having a co-star’s legal troubles in the limelight while speaking in “Smallville” alongside Allison Mack awaiting conviction for alleged sex cult NXIVM you can see

“I worked with her for 7 years. It was like ‘Holy s – t'” said Rosenbaum

Bob Saget announced Tuesday that he adores Lori Loughlin despite her involvement in the college admissions scandal
(Alberto E Rodriguez / Getty Images for Comedy Central)

The actors then touched on the current “demolition culture”, which has become much more progressive in recent years. Saget, also a stand-up comedian, discussed his knowledge of how his career could seemingly end overnight now thanks to social media / p>

“Twitter can destroy you, you can destroy yourself on Twitter I could write a tweet right now that could literally turn me off right now It’s that simple,” Saget said

Saget said some of his old jokes – one he made especially in the 80s about undressing in front of little boys – didn’t and won’t fly today

“Sarcasm, satire, so many people have been hurt, it doesn’t work anymore, it will again, but not in that sense. Not when it comes to sexual abuse and such. At that level it won’t work,” said Saget. “I would like to think that people are better than they are being portrayed, even though we experience terrible things on a much broader scale because of the internet and the world “

During his performance, 64-year-old Saget also touched on his friendships with his original Full House line-up, including Candace Cameron Bure, Jodi Sweetin, and Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen Saget posed a question from a listener who wanted to know Which child star he got along best at the time, saying it was almost impossible to tell

Actress Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli, who are wearing a green tie on the left, leave on March 3 April 2019 the United States Courthouse in Boston.Many of the parents reportedly paid to have someone else take their children’s SAT or ACT exams or correct their answers to ensure them high scores
(Pat Greenhouse / The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

“Whoever I’ve been with right now, as well as my own kids, I’m very close to Candace, I’ve always been since we made the pilot. Jodi stayed at my house and played with my daughter, Aubrey, mine eldest Ashley and Mary-Kate, I love so much, “said the comedian

Saget further noted that he and the Olsen twins try to meet when they are on the same coastline. Then he claimed it was “not a favorite” in his eyes

“It’s like choosing your own favorites But they’re all friends It’s not like they’re kids Jodi was more of a child to me Ashley and Mary-Kate are more like friends because I like everything, what it’s about, got a whole thing candace is a friend you were all there for me you were all there for me in great measure when I’ve been through hard stuff “CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR ENTERTAINMENT NEWSLETTER

Saget also discussed the restart of Netflix “Full House” known as the “Fuller House” which ended after five seasons

“I wasn’t actually surprised because John Stamos and Jeff Franklin had tried for years, I just thought this was going to be interesting because everything else was restarted. People want you to want that familiar feeling again I thought they were did a really good job, and Netflix did a really good job when they launched it, so when I found out, I was happy “

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