As Demi Lovato Bill Withers’ groovy melody â ???? accompanied by cameos from health workers â ???? The new President danced in the Oval Office next to the First Lady and with one of his grandchildren in his arms

Political friction has penetrated popular culture less than you might expect, given how much it has stifled national discourse, but shortly after the November election, a fascinating wrinkle was uncovered when Tyler Hubbard, a member of the Hip-hop flirtatious country duo Florida Georgia Line followed his partner Brian Kelley on Instagram apparently because of different politics

So it was remarkable that Mr. Hubbard’s New Song “Undivided” A clear plea for unity was not made with Mr. Kelley, but with Tim McGraw, a rare avowed Democratic country singer

They played the song during “Celebrating America” Prime Time Special â ???? two envoys from the only segment of pop music who are still closely associated with conservative politics (on one of President Donald J. In Trump’s final days in office, he awarded the stormy, jingoistic country star Toby Keith and bluegrass legend Ricky Skaggs the Presidential Medals of Freedom)

Mr Hubbard and Mr. McGraw’s appearance made Comity sound less than exciting, a kind of happy hand-holding that appeals to those who prefer to put the complexities of life on paper. They had negligible chemistry, and Mr. Hubbard’s kind humility could not be with Mr. McGraw’s Tinted Wisdom They also suffered from following one of the show’s liveliest and most laid back appearances: a tag team from reggaeton star Ozuna and ballader Luis Fonsi, both born in Puerto Rico, making the energetic hits of couches and love seats p>

Vice President Kamala Harris said in a televised address on Wednesday night that even in moments of historic turmoil, Americans are not stopping to improve their country and she pleaded with the nation to have the courage to look beyond crisisâ ????

Ms. Harris standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, where 400 lights mark the 400Mean 000 Americans who had died from the coronavirus, stressed that she remained hopeful because of the American pursuit and the innovation she saw from doctors, teachers, parents and others working to meet the challenges of the moment

As President Biden, speaking from the Lincoln Memorial minutes before her, Ms. Harris likened the coronavirus pandemic threat to two crises in two centuries past: the civil war and the civil rights movement

“Even in dark times, we don’t just dream, we do” Ms. Harris said. She said that in those crucial moments in American history, Abraham Lincoln saw and built a brighter future and the Rev DR Martin Luther King Jr fought for racial and economic justiceâ ????

To hit the moment, she said, Americans need to refine further â ???? tinkerâ ???? and “perfecting” the nation, something they said was already happening amid the pandemic

Mr Biden asked the Americans to do what is hard She said, “What is good is to unite, to believe in ourselves, to believe in our country”believe in what we can do together”

Prime time inauguration day on Wednesday evening prime time â ???? produces instead of the traditional, pandemic-unfriendly balls â ???? became â ???? Celebrating America called a ???? But the tone that the program struck in the opening minutes was less a solemn than a Relief? Determination? Or just a short break?

The occasion was of course the swearing in of a new President and Vice President, Joseph R Biden Jr and Kamala Harris But the ghost when Bruce Springsteen strummed an acoustic guitar on the Lincoln Memorial night stage was less “We did it!” when Phew, we made it, didn’t we ???? First of all? Â ????

One reason for the mood was visually obvious Mr. Springsteen sang “Land of Hope and Dreams” In the wide, empty space between the memorial and the Washington Monument is the Reflecting Pool, which is lined with lights that act as glowing Tribute to the Americans who died of Covid-19 are attached

It felt less like a victory anthem than a shot in the arm of a country that could use one or more

But, as Tom Hanks’ introduction recognized, America’s diagnosis is not simply medical.It is the result of a conflict that is inevitably political, even though the event was to be bipartisan and brings out the words of Democratic and Republican presidents

“In the past few weeks” and years, Mr. Hanks said we saw a disturbing grudge ???? He didn’t mention the attack on the Capitol an attack with a specific political goal? but he didn’t need it

Instead, the Special tried to keep its touch light, simple, and hopeful, betting that it could find an audience that could at least agree on a common goal of getting through the night

President Biden said during a prime-time address on Wednesday that the United States is facing a combination of crises with few historical parallels and that addressing the challenges would require the elusive of all things in a democracy: unityâ ??? ?

Also when he emphasized the severity of suffering Americans endure? the day after the US. The death toll from the coronavirus was 400000? He said the country would win

There are times of crisis, Mr. Biden said from the Lincoln Memorial when “more is asked of us than Americans” like during the civil war or the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s

“We are now in one of those moments” Mr Biden said, speaking nine hours after his presidency The pandemic, the economic crisis, the racial injustice, the climate crisis and the threat to our democracy And the question is, are we ready? Will we meet the moment like our ancestors did? I think we have to and I think we willâ ????

When President Barack Obama on Jan. Holding his farewell address to the nation on January 10, 2017, he walked off the stage to a recording of Bruce Springsteen’s “Land of Hope and Dreams” Hug his family while Mr. Springsteen sang about offering unwavering support to his broken friends and traveling together to a future together

So it was a warm and knowing piece of the circle that Mr. Springsteen himself played “Land of Hope and Dreams” to open prime time “???? Celebrating America” ​​???? Special Wednesday night, which marked the inauguration of President Biden, Springsteen stood alone on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, wearing a dark blue pea coat and jeans, clutching a vividly aged guitar

His singing was grainy and a little tense, a reflection of the song’s resolute optimism in the face of the challenges “Leave your worries behind / Let this day be the last,” he purred, “Tomorrow there will be sunshine / And all of these Darkness is overâ ????

The next actor â ???? Jon Bon Jovi, another New Jersey son? also emphasized the arrival of light, with a cover of the Beatles ???? Here comes the sun ???? But in the context of the pandemic and recent political turmoil that has ravaged the country, his happy cheers felt fragile and unexpected, especially after Mr. Springsteen’s cold season recognition is coming to an end

A man in uniform knelt by the grave of President Biden’s son Beau on Wednesday during the President’s inaugural address, a poignant and seemingly private moment, far from the pomp of Washington that later took place online,

The unidentified man was found by a local journalist in St Joseph in the Church of Brandywine Cemetery in Greenville, Del, near the President’s home in Wilmington

Beau Biden was the Delaware Attorney General for eight years before he died of brain cancer in 2015. He was 46 years old

Before and after the speech, the man bowed his head and clasped his hands, reported journalist Patricia Talorico of the Delaware News Journal

“The picture brought tears to my eyes” Ms. Talorico wrote of the tribute, “I couldn’t bring myself to interrupt this poignant, solemn moment”I took a few photos from afar and drove my car to a nearby street. I listened to the end of Biden’s speech and drove back to see if the person was still there. He was and he was still kneeling and had still bowed his headâ ????

Poignant moment: While Joe Biden was delivering his inaugural address, a lone man in uniform knelt by the grave of his son Beau in Delaware ImageTwittercom / QkCuJRHzTz

The tribute came a day after Mr. Biden, who was saying goodbye in Delaware, said Beau, a Bronze Star recipient who served as a major in the Corps of Advocate General, was to become president

“I just have one regret” that he’s not here? Mr. Said Biden Because we should introduce him as Presidentâ ????

â ???? When the President asked me to serve in that role, we discussed the importance of bringing truth and transparency back to the boardroom, and he asked me to make sure we communicate across Biden about the guidelines – the Harris administration and the Work his team does every day for all Americans. There will be times when we see things differently in this room I mean among all of us this is fine this is part of our democracy rebuilding trust with the American people will be central to us in the press office and in the white house ???? When will President Biden start calling some foreign leaders? Who is on that first list? And during the transition he didn’t speak to President Putin. Does he plan to do that? And will he talk about retaliation for the SolarWinds attack on the federal government? A ???? “At SolarWinds we talked about this a little before his inauguration, I should say today”Of course we reserve the right to react to cyberattacks at any time and at our own discretion. But our team is of course in the process of getting down to earth today. You are getting on your computer. So at this point I have nothing to read for you or anything.” In his view, the way to bring the country together is to address the issues we are facing So that means getting this relief package from Covid through, getting Democrats and Republicans to look seriously, and To have talks about how to move it forward And he’ll leave the mechanics, timing, and details of how Congress goes about the impeachment to youâ ????

President Biden’s administration’s first press conference began with a vow from Jen Psaki, the new White House press secretary, to bring truth and transparency back to the briefing roomâ ????

Ms. Psaki’s appearance at the lectern in the White House, just hours after Mr. Biden’s inauguration was intended to contrast sharply with the Trump administration, which had verbal fights with reporters and all but abandoned briefings

“There will be moments when we disagree, and there will certainly be days when we may disagree on large parts of the briefing, maybe even,” Ms. Psaki said to about a dozen journalists in the But room we have a common goal, which is to share accurate information with the American peopleâ ????

Ms. Psaki, 42, a native Connecticut American, worked for John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign and former President Barack Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns while Mr. Obama’s second term, Ms. Psaki served as the main spokesperson for the State Department.She was Mr. Obama’s communications director through the end of his term

Ms. Psaki started the briefing with an overview of the executive orders that Mr. Biden signed earlier that evening and then answered a number of questions, including one about scheduled calls between Mr. Biden and foreign leaders and another on government response to recent cyberattack

There were no grand galas or star-studded balls in downtown Washington at President Biden’s inauguration, a nod to the coronavirus pandemic and the new administration’s efforts to model Americans’ public health behavior adopt

Inaugurations of the President are also cultural touchstones and moments to do something with the millions of eyeballs watching on TV and online. That’s why the Presidential Inaugural Committee arranged a 90-minute musical celebration to mark the day one that has the side effect of demonstrating Mr. Biden’s support by a variety of A-list cast members, something former President Donald J. Trump longed for something, but never got it

Bruce Springsteen, whose music served as the soundtrack for the Democratic National Convention last year, opened the special with a performance on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial

The event will be hosted by Tom Hanks and will include performances by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jon Bon Jovi, Ant-Clemons, Foo Fighters, John Legend, Demi Lovato and Justin Timberlake, many of whom were for Mr. Biden and in previous campaigns for former President Barack Obama

The special is broadcast on several major radio networks ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS â ???? and cable news channels such as CNN, MSNBC, and CNBC but it does not appear on Fox News or the Fox Broadcast Network
As is customary at major Democratic political events, the stars will be interspersed with regular Americans, including an 8-year-old Wisconsin girl who is 50Raised $ 000 from a virtual lemonade stand to feed the hungry a New York nurse who became the first American woman to receive the coronavirus vaccine; and a UPS driver from Virginia who is loved by his customers for delivering packages during the pandemic

In my view, there have been few moments in our history when our nation has been tested more than it is now Few in the public service will be more important when it matters more And history will measure us, and our Americans Fellow citizens will measure us by how decent, honorable and smart we have been to look for their interests We have so much to do but I know you I know your heart, your commitment, your commitment to this nation And I know that you can do it and we will do it by leading with a core American value: humility If you ever work with me and I hear you treat another colleague with disrespect, speak to someone, I promise you, I. You will be released immediately On site No ifs and buts Everyone, everyone has the right to be treated with decency and dignity This has been very lacking in the last four years rden will judge whether or not we have restored the integrity and competence of this government. Raise your right hand and repeat after me I solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies at home and abroad that I will the same Faith and loyalty will contribute that I will take this obligation freely, without mental reservation or the purpose of circumvention And that I will perform well and faithfully the duties of the office I will enter into, May God help me

President Biden swore in hundreds of his administration in a virtual White House ceremony Wednesday night, another reminder of how the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing have turned the traditions of a new administration in Washington upside down. p>

Mr Biden stood in front of four large television screens that showed a series of video links to newly hired White House and federal agency employees watching their new boss speak to them from the State Dining Room

The new president prepared his nominees, who did not require Senate approval, such as cabinet candidates and other high-ranking administrative officials, that the work ahead would be difficult

“You will work like the devil” Mr. Biden said “It shouldn’t be something you do unless you care a lot”

“If you ever work with me and I overhear you treating another colleague with disrespect and speaking to someone, I will fire you immediately”Mr. Said Biden

The president told the group that he would count on them to help restore the soul to the country, a common refrain from Mr. Biden is campaigning and after his election victory in November

“Remember, people don’t work for us, we work for the people” Mr. Biden Said I work for the people You pay my salary You pay your salaryâ ????

Jan 20 was a big day for Laura Franklin, and not just because she was 103 It was Ms. Franklin’s birthday, who was born a year before American women’s suffrage, saw Kamala Harris, a black woman like her who was sworn in as Vice President of the United States

“Best birthday ever!” said her daughter Kathleen Leonard, 68, they partied together on Wednesday, Ms. Franklin toasting Ms. Harris on the TV screen in her Houston home with her birthday present: a bottle of Corona beer

Ms. Franklin was born in Portsmouth, Va, more than a year before Congress on Nov. June 1919 the 19 Amendment passed, and more than two years before it was ratified by the states to enshrine women’s suffrage in the constitution, she was daily discriminated against for both her race and gender as she started her career as a laboratory technician at Comer Children’s Hospital the University of Chicago started

When she became an educator, women should leave class if they got pregnant. Her husband’s signature would be required to get a credit card, she said, even though she worked, including serving as the assistant principal of a Chicago public high school

“So much has happened and many wonderful things have happened” since the era of her birth, Ms. Franklin said Wednesday, “In the vote, women could be independent, women could control their own lives” She said they used to have to each other Rely on their husband or male character to tell them what to doâ ????

She said she had foggy eyes when Ms. Harris was sworn in and giggled at the tenure of Ms. Harris’ husband, Douglas Emhoff, now the second gentleman: “It’s kind of cute,” she said

Growing up without black women in positions of power as a model, Ms. Franklin said, made it impossible for her to imagine that such a woman could be elected to national office. “I don’t know I ever really thought it would happen would I’m just so glad it happened and I’m so glad she’s there”” Mrs. Franklin said it just never crossed my mind because things had been so rough years agoâ ????

For her daughter, Ms. Harris’ rise was not a victory at the end of a long road, but a beginning that would ensure that her grandchildren and her mother’s great-grandchildren have these models to look up to

“You will never know that there was no black president, and you will never know that there was no female vice president and no black vice president” Ms. Leonard Said Someone Who Looks Like Her; that is so hugeâ ????

As she finishes her birthday beer, Ms. Franklin added, “It’s one of those things that dreams are made of”She said

In Portland, Ore in Seattle, protesters marched through the downtown area on Wednesday with signs against the police, immigration authorities, and the government in general Some people in every city destroyed buildings that symbolized institutional power

In Portland, about 200 people dressed in black marched to the local Democratic Headquarters, where some of them broke windows and knocked over dumpsters to set fire to the contents of one

Those who took to the streets on Wednesday said they were a mix of anarchists, anti-fascists, and racial justice protesters. One of their signs read, “We don’t want Biden” we want revenge? for murders by police officers and fascist massacresâ ????

In a city that has seen months of demonstrations over racial injustice, economic inequality, federal law enforcement, and corporate power? and some of the toughest law enforcement reactions to such protests? Protesters have vowed to continue their actions regardless of who is president. “We cannot be governed,” said a sign in the crowd

200 left-wing protesters are currently in Portland with anti-Biden and anti-police messages on the streets “We are not governable,” says a sign BildTwittercom / WLTFpJrS03

In Seattle about 150 people marched with large banners that read: “Abolish ICE, no cops, prisons, borders, presidents”a ???? Some spray-painted buildings with an anarchist symbol and broken windows, including one in a federal court

In Portland, police rioted with protesters before the march began. They later made some arrests

At a separate demonstration in Portland, people gathered to hear speakers celebrating former President Donald J Trump’s departure but calling for continued pressure for government action

“The fight has only just begun,” said Ray Austin, 25 He said the damage done to Mr Trump could not be undone by the likes of President Biden and the nation needed a wave of people asking for more

Speakers at the event called for the Green New Deal to fight climate change, a Medicare for All style health insurance system, an overhaul of the police force to address racial differences and other fundamental changes

I thought with the state of the nation, there is no time to waste today. Get to work right away As we indicated earlier, we will be signing a number of Executive Orders over the next few days of the week worsening crisis of Covid, Covid-19, along with the ensuing economic and climate crisis, issues of racial justice, begin And the first order that I am going to sign here is for Covid and it requires, as I said, that all the time, and wherever I have authority, mandate masks have to be worn, social distancing on federal property and interstate trade, etc. This is the first one I will sign The second one I will sign here is to support underserved communities as it is about how we treat people in healthcare and other things that you can, we are going to give you copies of these Executive Orders And the third one I’m about to sign, and the one we’re going to do while you are all here, is a commitment I made that we will rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement from today

President Biden is no stranger to the Oval Office, but he walked into the most famous room in the White House for the first time as President on Wednesday, with new paintings on the walls and a pile of executive orders sitting on his desk. Then he turned on the work

Mr Biden sat at the Resolute Desk and tried to reverse the legacy of former President Donald Trump He signed 17 orders requiring people in federal buildings to wear masks and reintroduced the United States to the Paris Climate Agreement, a Trump order forbidding people from several predominantly Muslim countries to travel to the country, including building a wall temporarily suspend the border with Mexico

Mr Biden gave the orders from behind the same desk where Mr. Trump often sat for the past four years, but the Oval Office itself, like the rest of the White House, was quick for Mr. Biden’s arrival

The installations include portraits of former Presidents Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson and former Treasury Secretary Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton, according to the Washington Post The Post reported that the office also includes busts of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Robert F Kennedy, and behind the Resolute Desk, Cesar Chavez, the work organizer who founded America’s first successful farm laborer Union

Mr Biden spoke frequently to former President Barack Obama in the Oval Office when he was its Vice President, but differently than at the end of Mr. Obama’s tenure, there was no ceremony for outgoing and incoming presidents to meet Mr. Trump did not meet with Mr. Biden and did not take part in his swearing-in, despite having a note for Mr. Biden Mr Biden told reporters that Mr Trump’s letter was “very generous” but that he would not share its contents until he had spoken to the former president

Heval Kelli, a cardiologist, was working at Northside Hospital Gwinnett near Atlanta when President Joseph R Biden Jr took the oath of office “We have so focused on helping people that I don’t think it has hit us pretty badly” He said of the staff’s work with Covid-19 patients

A Muslim and a refugee from Syria who died just two weeks after Sept. 11 attacks occurred in the US, Dr Kelli said he was appalled by many of the Trump administration’s immigration policies, particularly the travel ban from several predominantly Muslim countries, including Syria Kelli sees glimmers of hope for national unity

Calls himself “a careful Biden fan” DR Kelli said he was impressed with the Biden team’s plan to fight the pandemic. “This is exactly how you do it,” he said, advocating the appointment of medical experts to head the charge of not hiring an electrician to fix your car You are hiring a mechanicâ ????

Already in November, Dr Kelli had said that it felt like he was on call at the hospital watching the election results hit his family Every hour we woke up with important news ???? Now, after months of debates over electoral integrity and a violent uprising in the US. Capitol, Dr. Kelli said he felt the country could collectively breathe a sigh of relief

“I just hope we don’t celebrate this moment for the next four years” he said The new president has yet to be held accountable We are looking for hope We are looking for changeâ ????

In Boulder, ColoIsra Chaker, the daughter of Syrian immigrants who settled in the United States in the 1980s, said the inauguration of Mr. Biden had made her feel like I belong here ????

“As someone who is visibly Muslim, even though I was born and raised here and this is the only home I know, I had to prove and justify my American woman to society because of Trump’s attacks on my identity? said Ms. Chaker, a practicing Muslim who campaigns for refugees and asylum seekers at Oxfam America, a charity

For four years, President Trump’s travel ban from several predominantly Muslim countries prevented her relatives in Syria from visiting the United States for family celebrations, which she regularly did before Mr. Trump took office

“Today our hope of reuniting with our families has become a reality,” she said hours before President Biden was expected to issue an order lifting the travel ban. We feel a deep joyâ ????

Unable to attend President Joe Biden’s inauguration in Washington on Wednesday, residents and visitors alike saw the ceremony on their mobile devices. An impromptu guard party formed in front of the Capitol where people expressed their hopes for the future / p>

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