If you use Twitter dot com a lot, you’ve probably noticed the “Belle Delphine” trend, and if you know who this is, you probably know why: The Pornographic Influencer / Manic Pixie Nightmare Gamer Girl / Bathtub Water Trader has posted a number of disturbing pictures describing their “perfect first date” and many feel like they are crossing a huge line. If you have some catching up to do, keep scrolling

Trigger warning: we will not post the original content, but we will describe it and involve extremely inappropriate role-playing games that some may find traumatic

On 12 On January 1st, Belle Delphine posted photos of her “perfect date” depicting her role-playing as a young girl being kidnapped, tied up, and sexually assaulted. Although consensual, many felt that she was triggering users and causing an uncomfortable (and potentially harmful) Environment because it has created it without any warning (e.g. B. fuzzy images) posted directly on Twitter.What’s worse, “Belle Delphine” is trending and people could accidentally click her name without warning

“Hey, please don’t everyone watch Belle Dolphins Day She did a photoshoot where she was kidnapped and attacked as a child, I’m sorry, but I don’t want people who muted this not to be warned, “one person tweeted

Hey everyone please don’t watch belle dolphins day, she did a photoshoot where she was kidnapped and assaulted as a child sorry for no tws but i don’t want people dumbing this have switched, not be warned https: // tco / bbIJKik0qe

If you are familiar with Belle’s work then you know this is not the first time she has been controversial

Belle Delphine (real name: Mary-Belle Kirschner) has been on the “controversial people” list for a variety of reasons, but the overwhelming consensus is that she makes a living from taking things too far, such as selling she bottles her own $ 30 bath water, and the internet was repulsed and intrigued at the same time. Before taking a social media break, she also wrecked a car, claiming she was arrested although no one knows if this is true / p>

Allegedly she destroyed the car because someone stole her hamster “stg this girl came to my party and stole my hamster I have no idea why or who is doing this? I sprayed the f *** off her car and was arrested, at least I got my hamster back b * tch, “she tweeted. In one of the photos she shows a painting of Pepe the Frog, a meme that was kidnapped by white supremacists, and the” Okay “sign, which is also a gesture that is used by white supremacists

This symbol was banned as a racist hand signal But I’ll allow you to picture Queen BelleTwittercom / uqXA741JgP

In 2019, Belle was kicked off Instagram for lewd content, she eventually came back and now has over 600000 followers The same happened to her YouTube channel in November 2020. Her channel was shut down after YouTube police recorded an NSFW video, but Belle did not receive any warning, according to Belle

“I’m fine if YouTube removes this video It was great NSFW but removing my entire channel without warning is extreme I didn’t even want to post like that on YouTube anymore so that’s a bummer I’ve already tried not even creating a new YouTube account “, she said

Although Belle got her Instagram and YouTube back, her more explicit content is available through OnlyFans and Patreon.While you can pay $ 1 or $ 5 for her Patreon content, she also has a “premium” offering that includes the People 2Raises $ 500

Belle also took an interesting approach when she stepped into the PornHub world.She uploaded videos that users trolled like one titled “PEWDIEPIE Goes All The Way IN Belle Delphine” showing off how she pretends to be one Eating expression from Pewdiepie’s face. She has uploaded other videos that take a very literal approach to porn, such as one that promises her “scissors” (showing her cutting paper with scissors) Well played?

Belle Delphine has not yet responded to the recent backlash, but it’s likely she won’t. Controversy is her currency after all,

YouTuber and Instagram model Belle Delphine are making a coin by selling their own bath water to fans

Belle Delphine is one of the top performers at OnlyFans – that’s how much she earns

Belle Delphine

World News – CA – Belle Delphine’s latest stunt has taken things way too far on Twitter

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