A collection of far-right activists and groups came to Washington DC to create a popular playbook

A neo-Nazi conspirator named Baked Alaska A right-wing troll formerly known as Ali Akbar A part-time actor in a horned furry hat named QAnon Shaman

These are some of the supporters of Donald Trump who instigated and led the assault on the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday

Their pseudonyms and eclectic backgrounds, as well as the chaotic scenes, indicated a disorganized rabble, but this was a predicted uprising

The same right-wing activists and groups who have marched, protested, and trolled on behalf of the President for the past four years came to Washington DC to write a famous playbook except this time on the biggest stage of all

The flags and insignia advertised who they were: the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, Three Percenters, QAnon, once shadowy groups now gathered in broad daylight Their attack on democracy was a public spectacle for a world that looked on in horror

Others waved banners with newer monikers, like Stop the Steal, an umbrella term for those who believe Trump won the election and Joe Biden was a usurper

“Make America Great Again” A Flag Declared “Liberty Or Death: Don’t Tread On Me” said another who waved next to the Confederate symbol said “Trump 2020: Fuck Your Feelings” said the fastest selling t-shirt Some messages were more succinct: Fuck Bidenâ ????

The gathering of extremists in the cradle of American democracy was hardly clandestinely. After all, Trump called them in Big protest in DC. at 6 January â ???? on 19 December tweeted “Be there, be wild!” ????

On 1 January he tweeted: “The big protest rally in Washington, DC. takes place at 11:00 a.m. at 6 January location details follow StopTheSteal! Â ????

Thousands replied, young and old, traveling from the US to form a river of people in downtown Washington Many were ordinary people who believe unsubstantiated claims about election fraud Others were right-wing social media celebrities and members of quasi-militia groups

According to Enrique Tarrio, a leader of the violent group that repeatedly clashed with left-wing activists, between 2000 and 2500 members of the Proud Boys Tarrio were arrested on Monday, two days before the uprising, for burning a Black Lives Matter banner during a pro-Trump rally in Washington last month

As Congress prepared to declare Biden the winner on Wednesday, Trump urged his excited supporters to march from the White House along the national mall to the Capitol to “save our democracy”

A minority of the crowd, perhaps several hundred, passed a meager police presence and stormed into the marbled halls of Congress. Senators and employees fled as the invaders roamed and ransacked the inner sanctuary of the Republic

Why security was so weak and unprepared is unclear an extraordinary mistake â ???? but there is little mystery to Trump’s attackers since his election in 2016, white supremacists and other militants have hosted protests and riots, particularly in Michigan, promoting their activities on social media

Since Trump’s election defeat last November, protests have multiplied and intensified in places like Oklahoma, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada and Washington State

Some groups planned the Washington DC rally on Facebook Others used more free-running social media platforms like Parler and Gab, popular with the right-wing. A reused quote from thinker Thomas Sowell suggested what was to come: “If you unwilling to use force to defend civilization then be ready to accept barbarisma ???? Others on the platforms vowed to occupy the Capitol and posted pictures of weapons they were about to bring

Before and during the chaos, Gab and Parler were reportedly used to share tips on routes to avoid the police and the best tools for opening doors

Some users posted pictures of guns being brought into the Capitol A mob chased a lone black cop up the stairs Others seemed content with taking selfies as they roamed the corridors and offices

Anthime â ???? Timâ ???? Gionet, a neo-Nazi conspirator better known as Baked Alaska, streamed the commotion live and occupied the office of the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi

Jake Angeli, an Arizona actor and spokesman known by the name QAnon Shaman, made a surreal sight with a horned hat, a painted face, and a bare, tattooed chest

A regular sight at protests, it takes its adopted name from QAnon, an unfounded internet conspiracy theory that has been stuck on the far right for years and soared during the coronavirus pandemic and Trump’s efforts to overcome the world Choice

A woman who was shot dead by police during the Capitol storm was identified as Ashli ​​Babbitt, 35, a Trump-supporting Air Force veteran who traveled from San Diego. Three other people died of “medical care.” Emergencies ” during the siege

Ali Alexander, a right-wing troll formerly known as Ali Akbar and a prominent voice in the Stop the Steal movement, poked the crowd outside, leading chants of “victory or death”

The US was amazed last May when armed anti-lockdown protesters attempted to enter the Michigan state capital’s legislature. “These are very good people,” Trump said

Storming a democracy chamber seemed like a shocking violation of political norms, a one-time freak But it was just a warm-up

QAnon Shaman, what is Qanon

World News – CA – Baked Alaska, the QAnon Shaman who led the Capitol storms?

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/jan/07/baked-alaska-the-qanon-shaman-who-led-the-storming-of-the-capitol