Up-and-coming Australian tennis star Angelina Graovac has reportedly turned to the content platform OnlyFans, where users offer X-rated photos of themselves to support their sports career, the 19-year-old reportedly has , who made her tennis debut in 2018, having trouble making money, which led her to create an account on the site that thrives with adult content fans compare her to Australian athlete Renee Gracie, who made headlines for making herself had turned to the porn industry to support her racing career

According to The Sun, Graovac from New South Wales has been waiting for a sporting breakthrough since 2018 and has yet to be listed in the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) She is ranked 1171 in the world after winning just nine of her 37 career singles games Her career tour income is just over $ 3,500, according to local media reports. Graovac, an aspiring tennis champion on the Australian scene with her ITF Tour appearances, has her dreams by selling content on the Australian scene Support adult site

Graovac isn’t the only one opting for an alternative career as an ‘adult’, however, according to reports, Bernard Tomic, former world number 17 from Australia has shared several explicit clips on OnlyFans with girlfriend Vanessa Sierra, surfer Ellie-Jean Coffey is also among those who sell adult content on their website

In particular, former driver Renee Gracie had eyeballs in 2019 after she quit her racing career to become a porn star, the former Australian V8 supercar driver said approx Having made R188 lakh from her work on the adult side OnlyFans. When she announced she wanted to make a comeback, she said she would use that income to fund her own racing team. “I now have the financial security to do get me back to it, “Gracie told The Daily Telegraph

“I can now afford to race without worrying about a car accident. I won’t have to rely on sponsorships,” she added

In 2015, Gracie was the first full-time female competitor in the V8 Supercars Dunlop Series in 14 years. When she switched from sport to adult content, she had stated, “The pressures I’ve been under in recent years have been immense and I don’t really want to deal with it I don’t need that pressure because I now have a career outside of racing I’ll do it for pleasure and fun I’ve watched the races and kept myself updated I want to do it again because I do it now can do alone and can afford to enjoy it ”

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Angelina Graovac

World news – CA – Australian tennis star Angelina Graovac turns to OnlyFans to support her sports career

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