According to its own information, the Canadian Border Protection Agency has more than 30000 foreigners turned away trying to enter the country during the coronavirus pandemic

The federal government is facing increasing pressure to further prevent cross-border travel

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has warned in recent days that Canadians should cancel any international travel plans and that the government plans to imminent travel-related action

But provincial prime ministers, who have seen strong spikes recently in some cases, have repeatedly pushed for a general ban on unnecessary travel to discourage Canadians from leaving for sunny vacations or overseas family visits, as the worldwide cases continue to increase

While the question of introducing stricter border controls continues, the CBSA is providing updated figures on how many foreigners have attempted to enter the country for non-essential reasons

According to a spokesman for the border agency, officers have a total of 30475 foreigners who arrived from the USA rejected over air and land between 22 March 2020 and Jan 6, 2021

Also, 756 foreigners are attempting to enter by air from countries other than the United States upon arrival were also turned away at the border

From the 30475 who tried to enter across the border with the U26th572 of them were American citizens and 3903 were foreigners from other countries who tried to enter via the US

30 percent of those trying to enter Canada cited tourism and sightseeing as the reason, while 11 percent cited recreation and five percent cited non-essential shopping

The majority – 54 percent – cited “others” as a reason, but CBSA would not make it clear what that means other than saying it was activity that was not recorded in the other three categories

The federal government banned foreigners from entering Canada in March, shortly after the World Health Organization first declared a pandemic

Only those who carry out essential activities or who qualify for a specific set of exemptions are allowed to enter Canada; B. Truck drivers and the immediate or dependent family of Canadian citizens who travel for reunification rather than pleasure

However, Canadians are technically allowed to leave the country whenever they want, as long as the country they are trying to enter has not banned them from entry – although the Canadian government urges all Canadians not to travel

The loophole has led Canadian politicians and others to continue booking trips around the world, as evidenced by the large number of officials criticized for traveling over the holidays

According to Trudeau, the government is now considering forcing travelers who meet the criteria to enter Canada to quarantine for two weeks at their own expense in hotels rather than in their own four walls

Canada already requires travelers to present a negative COVID-19 test before they are allowed to enter the country, and all travelers except those like truckers are required to be quarantined for two weeks

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