The one-time payout sees up to 1$ 000 for eligible families and single parents and up to $ 500 for eligible individuals before

Families and single parents with a net income of up to 125Get $ 000, get 1000 USD, while families with incomes up to 175000 USD will receive a reduced amount

People with a net income of up to 62$ 500 will receive $ 500, with up to $ 87 for net income500 USD a reduced benefit is available

In general, the benefit is available to all persons who are over 19 years of age and who live in B. on dec 18, 2020 You must have filed a 2019 Canadian income tax return and have a valid Personal Insurance Number or Tax ID

You must declare your net income from your 2019 tax return.You can find this number on line 23600 of your 2019 income tax return

If you haven’t yet filed your 2019 tax return, file it with the Canada Revenue Agency as soon as possible

When you apply, the government will need your Social Security Number, Individual Tax Number, or Temporary Tax Number to verify your eligibility

If you have a B. Driver’s license you must provide your driver’s license number This information is used to detect and stop fraudulent claims

Benefit is only granted by direct deposit. You must have an account with a Canadian financial institution to receive benefit

If you are receiving Income or Disability Allowance and you do not have a bank account, an amended application will be available in the New Year to allow you to claim and receive the benefit

Further information and the application form can be found here Telephone applications open Dec. 21, 2020 You have until 30 June 2021 time to apply

BC recovery benefit, bc recovery benefit application

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