About two years ago Amber Marshall received a call from Graham Wardle, the actor she had worked closely with for 14 years on the CBC show, Heartland he had some surprising and somewhat disturbing news for his co-star He left the show

“He wanted to let me know before telling anyone else,” Marshall said in an interview with Postmedia late last week. “He and I have a very close relationship We’ve been good friends for a few years since the show started and I got hurt When he first told me it stung a bit But when I got time to process it I got it I got the journey he was on , and that no one should stand in the way of someone who wants to pursue what their true heart’s desire is ”

So Marshall knew Wardle would go before the producers of the long-running series – she also knew long before the writers were forced to find a satisfying way for Wardle’s character Ty to leave the series, which he decided on last Sunday Dramatically, it wasn’t an easy task, after all, the 14 seasons relationship between Marshalls Amy Fleming and Wardle’s Ty Borden had arguably become the heart of Heartland’s true heart Relationship developed from an in-and-out teenage romance to marriage and eventual parenting, letting the characters go through a quickie divorce or suddenly letting Ty travel to Mongolia as he did in a previous season when Wardle did one Requesting time off just wouldn’t change it

So the audience is probably still from the seismic shock of the 14th century Affected at the start of the season on Sunday Within the first few minutes, the loving husband and new father Ty Borden collapses and dies of previously undiscovered complications due to a gunshot wound he made at the end of the 13th Season has suffered

At the time of this interview, the episode hadn’t aired and reporters were being pledged to secrecy. But Marshall was clearly preparing for a strong and emotional response from fans this week

“This is a story people might not want to see in the beginning,” she says, “I think there will be a lot of people who are devastated by it, but I think the journey through this season is like that important for viewers to see and know that death is real death is something that affects all of us at some point in our lives to see this widowed mother find the strength and courage to move forward for her daughter and really think about it what’s best for the family around them and coming together and being that support that I think is so important And knowing that it’s not easy Death is not easy and neither should it be But that person and that Journey to honor that person and move forward and live each day is the best way you can ”

At the time of going to press, the reasons for Wardle’s decision to leave the company had not been clearly set out, presumably because his departure had to be kept secret. Marshall refused to speak for him but said he had gone to see others Passions of Acting Earlier this year, he launched a podcast called Time Has Come. In a trailer he posted on YouTube in May, it was said to focus on “people who are out of their comfort zone, into a world, into a life, into kick a vision of their future that they want ”

“Where does the courage come from?” he said “This has been part of my journey for two years”

Wardle’s absence from the set this year was deeply felt by the cast and crew, saying Marshall Heartland is the longest-running drama in Canadian television history today.In addition, it retained most of its core cast for 14 years, a rarity for every television show Jessica Amlee, who played Mallory Anderson, a family friend and teenage busybody, left the series for seven seasons to pursue other acting opportunities in 2013, the same year Alisha Newton joined Heartland as Georgie Fleming Morris aside from that The main cast has remained the same until now: Marshall, Wardle, Michelle Morgan as Amy’s older sister Lou, Shaun Johnston as her grandfather Jack Bartlett and Chris Potter as her father Tim

After the big reveal, season 14 takes place a year after Ty’s death.In episodes 1 and 2, Amy is still numb with grief and has put her life on hold.Other family members deal with the loss in their own way, and the early ones Episodes are full of flashbacks and grief, but Ty’s absence will be an ongoing theme throughout the season, says Marshall

The series previously dealt with losses Amy and Lou arrived at the Bartlett Ranch in Season 1 after their mother died, but that particular twist in the plot is hands down the darkest in the history of Heartland Marshall says she did prepared for the grief of her character by reaching out to the family of a friend who lost her husband at a young age a few years ago

“It was a very similar story,” she says. “She had been with him for over a decade. It was a very tragic accident, unexpected. They were both very young. I mostly talked to her sister about it because I didn’t give her any unnecessary.” Wanted to cause harm but her sister explained to me the trip she had been on and said she was completely numb to it all first year It was like she was dazed. If we look at the story of Heartland, this first episode is exactly one Year after his death I wanted the audience to know that Amy hadn’t really come to terms with it until that moment This season is the fact that it’s a year later, her healing It was a year of deafness It was a year where she cried until she couldn’t cry anymore. When we pick up a year later, the audience will be on this journey of healing and power and just be there for her daughter and her family ”

That said, it won’t be relentlessly bleak. Season 14 will still be filled with horses and humor.A new character named Parker (played by Calgary actress Ava Tran) is seen as a more socially-conscious, if occasionally clever, youthful city- Introduced Slicker, Spending Time at Bartlett Ranch Lou’s new job as the somewhat confused Mayor of Hudson is also cut down on humor In a future episode, Tim gets involved in a disastrous polo game to impress a woman

While the sudden departure of a main character suggests the series is on its last legs, Marshall believes there are still many stories to tell in the world of Heartland While she expects fans to mourn Ty, hopes them that they keep perspective

“These are stories we tell,” she says, “We try to honor these characters as much as we can, but at the same time this is television too. These are stories we write Though they may be devastated and I think that many tears are shed watching these episodes, we are all fine at the end of the day, we are all actors and I think sometimes you are so caught up in this reality that it is difficult to distance yourself from the fact that everything is fictional I hope these stories resonate and evoke a range of different emotions because that means we are doing our job right. But I think a lot of people will be very broken ”

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