“We see this homelessness problem very differently from my dismay,” said the mayor after the Alberta budget was presented

“But we will continue to work to convince the Alberta government that it is in their tax interests to break the cycle of homelessness for more people”

“It is a matter of fairness that is really inadequate to be left to the Edmonton taxpayers”

“I think it is a failure on their part to use evidence-based housing best practices,” said Iveson

Iveson said he would meet with Alberta ministers later Thursday and share his disappointment with Prime Minister Jason Kenney the next time he spoke to him

“For a budget that focuses on health, recreation and finding savings, I am puzzled and disappointed that the province is still not ready to work with Edmonton on assisting housing,” the mayor said in one Explanation

“Supportive living not only ensures that people with complex needs get off the street and into a safe home

“We have evidence that housing lowers the cost of health, justice, and law enforcement budgets – right when the province needs that efficiency most”

Alberta’s 2021 budget is $ 209 million on housing and family and social support, the government expects to spend a little more than half (about $ 110 million) between 2021 and 22 / p>

More details will hopefully be released, but the government has pledged new funding for 500 shelters in Edmonton and Red Deer

“More accommodation is not the solution,” said Iveson, “and it will not achieve the healthcare cost savings that come with proper housing”

“The Alberta government’s failure to work with Edmonton on supporting shelter for vulnerable people, and failure to abide by evidence of the substantial savings in provincial jurisdiction such as health care, is for those living during a pandemic are homeless, really frustrating ”

The mayor said Edmonton has asked the province for $ 5 million in 2021 to run the supporting housing units the city and federal government are already building with funds from the Rapid Housing Initiative

Those $ 5 9 million, Iveson said, would “more than amortize” in reduced interactions with criminal justice and health systems, saving the province millions more
On other aspects of the budget, Iveson said the province has confirmed support for the 50th Street level crossing, the West Valley Line, and earmarked money for the LRT extension to the South Capital Line

“I appreciate the continued recognition that these projects are major urban development initiatives that bring significant economic benefits to our city and Alberta while ensuring that we are committed to economic recovery, climate goals, the health and quality of life of Edmonton people work towards ”

However, the mayor is very concerned about a 25 percent cut in the municipal sustainability fund over three years

Budget shows MSI will receive $ 1 billion in 2021-22, before that number dropped to $ 485 million in 2022-23 and 2023-24. MSI funds will be advanced in the three-year plan provided to help cities recover from COVID-19 economy and prepare for the phasing out of MSI, which will be replaced by a new program in 2024-25

Iveson said the MSI cuts will undermine any COVID-19 stimulus the city has received. MSI covers many infrastructure projects that “support job creation” and ensure that Edmonton “builds and builds the infrastructure waits, which is essential for recovery and a thriving economy ”

“This leaves really tough decisions for local authorities when we have already made significant cuts in our infrastructure transfers over the past few years to address the fiscal challenges Alberta has faced,” said Iveson

“These cuts will pro-cyclically – which is not good economically – have negative effects on jobs in 2022 and 2023 These are permanent and sustained cuts in the following fiscal framework impacting jobs

Alberta Budget

World News – CA – Alberta Budget: Edmonton Mayor “Confused and Disappointed” with Province on Supportive Housing

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