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The last time adidas treated fans to a sale with discounts comparable to Black Friday was in early July (a not a Canada Day) so if you’ve been waiting to stock up on shoes, clothing and accessories on the To stock up on the hugely popular brand, now is the time to act

At the moment you get a 40 percent discount on items at the regular price and another 40 percent discount on outlet prices

This Black Friday at adidas may be the best yet, but you need to act fast! This can’t-miss offer only runs until the end of the day tomorrow – and items tend to sell out quickly

And since it will be a race for the (virtual) box office, we’ve decided to help you find some of the best deals by rounding up our favorite items from adidas Black Friday sales

Are you ready to browse your options? Check out our top deals for men, women and kids, in addition to some in the adidas outlet below

This zip version is another stylish take on the brand with the iconic three-stripe tracksuit jacket It is made from recycled polyester and a soft cotton blend for maximum comfort

Not only do these slippers fit comfortably, they’re also a blank canvas for whatever your OOTD is ultimately

This clean-looking travel bag is a versatile alternative to the popular adidas travel bag and offers space for all your belongings while you are on the go, while also making a stylish statement

The perfect part for training or city running requires extra layers The flexible fabric of this top also goes well with leggings

If life takes you outside this winter, prepare for this trail runner / hiking boot hybrid that will get you where you want to go in style and lasting comfort

Wear your biker shorts and add a bit of shine to your training session with these stretchy, yet tight-fitting leotard tights

This design collaboration with the Amsterdam designer Daniëlle Cathari is oh so retro and oh so slim, paired with matching sweatpants

This school year has been a whirlwind for everyone, but especially for our little ones, keep them properly equipped with a travel bag like this supportive backpack

These stretchy French terry cloth waist shorts are a must have for any boy who spends his days playing outside and running around with friends

Now you can adapt your children’s outfits to your own classic adidas outfit with the cherry red SST Track Top, which is also made from recycled materials.

The shimmering stripes on the Grand Court shoe are a stylish and supportive trainer for every young girl and boy and provide a particularly cool detail

You will look like the coolest guy on the block with this t-shirt set for toddlers

The bright yellow color of the glossy tricot 3-stripe shorts make the heritage design stand out even more. Even better, they make an ultra-comfy piece of loungewear for the whole house

Now you can customize your phone case to match your linear tank top (for the same price too!)

These skater shorts are fluffy, minimalistic and have pockets They’re the perfect length and have the comfort you need for a pair of everyday pants

This spacious, short-cut hoodie quickly absorbs moisture thanks to the odorless fabric with Polygiene technology. From now on you will keep every HIIT workout or spin course fresh when you wear it

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