The Paris Public Prosecutor confirmed today (3 February) that on 25 An investigation was opened on January 23 after allegations of incest were brought against the French actor by one of Richard Berry’s daughters
Speaking on Instagram, his eldest daughter, Coline Hiegel Berry, shared more details on her complaint: “My father’s lies won’t stand up to scrutiny of all the evidence so far, she said she thought carefully before filing the complaint “It is this child who was kissed with the tongue by her father, with whom her father never had the slightest modesty, who had to participate in his sex games in a notorious context of domestic violence. It was she who made a complaint submitted ”

These allegations were made on Tuesday (Jan. February) and the actor, who has appeared in more than 100 films since 1972, including The Violin Player, defended himself on social media, stating, “I deny with all my might and without ambiguity these filthy allegations that I have never had inappropriate or incestuous relationships to Coline or one of my children These allegations are false Even repeated a hundred times, through the press or otherwise, they are nothing but a lieThe applicant’s mother, actress Catherine Hiegel, supported her daughter

Coline Berry has also filed a complaint against her father’s ex-companion, American singer Jeane Manson, filed in Paris last month for rape, sexual assault and corruption of a minor, Le Point reported yesterday (Jan. February)

Coline Berry’s complaint is reminiscent of rape and sexual assault when she was between 8 and 10 years old. The complainant is due to be heard in a hearing in the coming days, although the case is statute-barred “I have full confidence in the police and the judiciary that I confiscated to tell the truth about what my father did to the child I was and the violence he continues to try to ‘inflict’ me”she concluded

On 5 On January 1st, French political scientist Olivier Duhamel was forced to resign after damn incest claims were exposed in a book written by his stepdaughter

On 25 On January 1st, the French television producer Gérard Louvin was again accused of incest, this time by his nephew

Olivier A, 48, filed a complaint against his uncle and Louvin’s husband, Daniel Moyne, also a producer, for “rape of a minor” in connection with rape at the age of 10, stating that “he was the victim of numerous sexual ones Assaults That Worsened By The Age Of 14 ”

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