Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has said winning a third MVP award “would definitely mean a lot” he’s the betting favorite right now to experience the feel

Via PointsBet, Rodgers now represents a -295 proposal to win the award (Bet $ 295 to Win $ 100) Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who has been the favorite since overtaking Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson now 250 years old

Others on the board include Bill’s quarterback Josh Allen (1400), Titans running back Derrick Henry (5000), Packers receiver Davante Adams (5000), Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (10000) and Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill (10000)

There is still a week left in the regular season, and there remains a potentially significant factor if packers are the No. Secure 1 seed in the NFC (they will do it with a win over the bears), Rodger’s case will get even stronger

The problem with this particular bet, however, is that the award depends on a flawed process.The Associated Press awards their various awards by voting as little as 50 people (including some who frankly shouldn’t have a vote) with only one Vote must be cast (no options for first, second or third place) Without real guidance (or guidance) on what the categories mean, it is unclear how the voting will go

When the Chiefs in a meaningless game of the 17th Playing against the Chargers starter week, Mahomes could be 5000 yards ends The Chiefs already have the top seed and few would argue whether Mahomes is the best player in the NFL right now

But what is the standard? Best player? (Mahomes) Most valuable to the league? (Mahomes) Most valuable to his team? (Rodgers)

Rodgers thrived on fewer guns and less defense. But in a lesser conference, Mahomes and the Chiefs have taken one body blow at a time with every team the Chiefs face, treating the game as the ultimate measuring stick Except for a 40-32 loss to the Raiders, the Chiefs keep winning and winning and winning

Without Mahomes, 14-1 won’t happen On the other hand, without Mahomes, not every opponent would treat a game against the Chiefs like the Super Bowl

It’s quite a mystery considering the fact that some voters like Mahomes more than Rodgers and / or don’t care about the perception that Rodgers is up for the award (and / or complains about it being 2012 and 2016 won’t get), Mahomes could get enough votes to make a difference Or maybe tie them in the end with 25 or 24 5 each (if someone splits their vote) and a random, goofy voter looking at me and someone else selects

There’s one more factor to consider. The award will be announced the night before the Super Bowl. If the quarterback who doesn’t win it plays in the Super Bowl, does the nudge add motivation? What if the Chiefs play the Packers in the Super Bowl?

If you get it, remember: No league MVP has won the Super Bowl since 1999, and every league MVP would exchange the award for this year’s Super Bowl ring

You’re both good players, but soccer is a team sport I am sure they would both prefer the second ring

Chiefs are no better than 7-9 without Mahomes. Mahomes is 100% the MVP of the league, his team’s MVP, and would always be the first player to be picked if either of you is about to start a team

Neither player should win the award.It should be given to the quarterback who helped lead a struggling organization into the playoffs for the first time since 2007 while playing on a new team at the age of 43 and me I’m obviously talking about Tom Brady

One thing that everyone can agree on is that the teams with the best QBs win the most games Mahomes and Rodgers Brees, Brady, Russell Wilson and Josh Allen The teams that start the season without an elite QB, Don’t even gamble for a title So if you don’t have an Elite QB and are not trying to get one, your fans will be messed up

I agree that Brady, who leads Tampa Bay to the playoffs, is more impressive in some ways, but he’s not the MVP. Both Rodgers and Mahomes play better

No, I’m not giving in. It belongs to Brady. Give it to either Mahomes or Rodgers then watch the winner suffocate in the playoffs

Everyone and her brother said the Packers got lucky last year, that there was no way they were going to repeat last season’s progress and that Rodgers slowed down and over the hill Rodgers wins this Rodgers deserves it

Rodgers should win because he’s the playoff choker, all-time regular season and offseason superbowl winner lol

Aaron Rodgers

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