While the Golden Globes female nominees attended the virtual ceremony dripping in couture from the comfort of their own home, Jason Sudeikis walked right up to them for comfort during the awards ceremony on Sunday night

Nevertheless, the 78 Annual ceremony a winner from the first-time nominee when Sudeikis won best actor in a television series – musical or comedy for his performance on Apple TV’s “Ted Lasso”

Sudeikis knocked out nominees Don Cheadle (“Black Monday”) Nicholas Hoult (“The Great”) Eugene Levy (“Schitt’s Creek’s”) and last year’s winner Ramy Youssef (“Ramy”), all of whom thought something as an actor arbitrarily his speech

Sudeikis appeared in a crumpled tie-dye hoodie and initially seemed surprised by his victory He started and stopped his speech while trying to navigate the various technical difficulties of the event

“Wow, okay! Can i talk now “He asked” This is crazy Thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press For me this is the coolest thing This is crazy This is crazy ”

Subsequently, he “rejected the premise of being the best actor” because he believed the best actor was who you work against, “in his humble opinion”

Whether he was unprepared, nervous or just tired – Sudeikis was speaking from London, where it was much later in the evening – is unclear. But as he continued, his speech made less sense and prompted Cheadle to give him the hand signal “Wrap it up” to give when the other candidates started laughing

“And Don is right, I have to wrap this puppy up, it was never my forte”, Sudeikis said. “Thanks, I appreciate you guys and call my competitors”

Fans watching at home responded instantly to his instantly memorable speech on social media Some responded with concern, joy, and downright admiration

I’m not knocking on Jason Sudeikis, but I would have worn a tie-dye hoodie to the #GoldenGlobes and ate several groceries

God bless Jason Sudeikis for leaning straight into the #GoldenGlobespic “My ex is with Harry Styles” aestheticTwittercom / 6Mq4wVbzK5

Congratulations to Jason Sudeikis, who not only won, but also made history tonight as the first person to receive an award in a tie-dye hoodie🙌 #GoldenGlobespicTwittercom / uefcQ3a0CH

Watching Jason Sudeikis’ speech was very similar to watching Ted Lasso – equally confused and turned on #GoldenGlobes

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Jason Sudeikis, Ted Lasso

World News – CA – A very tired Jason Sudeikis accepts Golden Globe in a tie-dye hoodie

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