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It’s Getting Interesting Out There Growth stocks were hammered and hit hard again on Wednesday. While technology was wounded, the breadth of stocks traded on the Nasdaq and New York stock exchanges wasn’t all that bad, so let’s do a big one with that in mind Take a look at the first of our top stock trades

We’re not getting this super robust panic action in the market It may never and need not necessarily come, but it’s worth pointing out its absence so far, for example, last week was bad Wednesday in terms of the VIX and downtrend was rather subdued against last week

The Invesco QQQ ETF (NASDAQ: QQQ) handles the action at worst, however growth stocks are not backing the ETF, while FAANG remains unimpressive

But after all that, the QQQ is only down 8.6% from its highs. A 10% to 11% decline brings us to the 100-day moving average and $ 300 in this zone, there should be reasonable support – at least for a jump

I’m not an alarmist, but below 86% isn’t very painful We could drop 15% to 16% just to bring the QQQ to the 200 day moving average

That’s not a guarantee that the stock will go there, but it’s just a reality that it could and the carnage we’re seeing now will be exacerbated by staying on your toes and looking for reactionary lows, followed by rotation Nobody knows how or when the sale ends

FuboTV (NYSE: FUBO) has had a great pre-earnings move in the past few days, racking up over $ 40 and some major moving averages in the process

I want this $ 33 area to continue to act as a support This has been happening all of last week under heavy selling pressure If that fails then the 100 day moving average is on the table followed by the range of $ 26, which gave the stock a boost at the beginning of the year

On the upside, FUBO stock will have to climb above $ 40 again to become a momentum game. Until then, bulls could get stuck and play support for now

Clover Health (NASDAQ: CLOV) has been drawing a lot of attention lately, and I have to be honest, this name has just gotten creamier and creamier

If bulls are looking for a high risk dip buy they may be able to pursue it if they have experience

The stock is showing a slight divergence on the Williams% R (at the bottom of the chart) but we need more than that to take a stab. A falling wedge look is there, but the CLOV stock needs to go up and don’t break out down

When it is ready, a rebound towards the $ 9 75 to $ 10 area is possible Currently, the 10-day moving average is in resistance until proven otherwise

Furthermore, $ 8 is the low to measure yourself against for the time being, a daily closing price below that and CLOV can continue to fall This is a high risk stock and therefore not for everyone

AT&T (NYSE: T) was one of the few names to gain roughly 2% that day I want you to see something with this

Note on the chart how $ 2830 to $ 28 was range support for a couple of months

Then it closed violently last week. That was a flush-out, at least for a short time

We got there within a few days of running after that, but the hard part was that previous support was now resistance.This was a bearish looking build up in more ways than one, but this is a lesson in terms of flexibility: listen to what the charts do Try to tell them – even if they are fraudulent at first

Currently, AT&T appears to be back in range, see if it hits 200-day moving average, then $ 2975 below Wednesday’s low and T could get into trouble

Bret Kenwell is the manager and writer of Future Blue Chips and on Twitter @BretKenwell

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