Provincial Health Officer Dr Bonnie Henry and Health Secretary Adrian Dix announced 2206 new cases of COVID-19 discovered in B. and 74 deaths since Christmas Eve

Henry announced that it would be starting Tuesday 7There are 580 active cases of COVID-19 in B. A record high of 373 people is in the hospital, 80 of them in the intensive care unit

Henry choked as he talked about the 74 lives COVID-19 lost due to their deaths, 882 British Columbians have died from the disease to date

“Our condolences go out to all families who mourn their loss,” said Henry. “To care providers and our communities who have lost loved ones

“We know that this is the most difficult time to solve these problems Not only because of COVID, but also because of the time of year We mourn with you and feel your loss intensely”

Henry reported eight new health outbreaks last weekend. There are 56 active outbreaks in long-term care and eight in acute care

While the daily case numbers are trending down, Henry is concerned that the trend is partly due to people not being tested as often as they were before during the holiday season

Health officials announced this weekend that a Vancouver Island resident who lived in a mandatory 14-day quarantine after arriving from the UK tested positive for a new variant of the novel coronavirus, which was first introduced in the US was discovered K.

Henry said there is no evidence that the new variant is more likely to cause serious illness, nor is there any evidence that approved vaccines against COVID-19 are less effective

CLOCK | DR Bonnie Henry speaks about the person who tested positive for the UK Coronavirus variant:

She said the BC. The Center for Disease Control has been sequencing coronavirus genomes for months to find changes in the virus and determine where variants may have come from

As soon as the UK Variant has been identified, said Henry the BC.CDC sequenced the genome of viruses from people who had tested positive in the past few weeks and no cases of U to dateK Variant were found

Other positive tests from people in BC. who came through the UK are being sequenced now, said Henry

“It may well be that we identify other people with this variant who are here in B.C. now, “said Henry

Henry added that there is a suspicion of increased infectivity in the U. Variant drives home the need to follow public health guidelines and instructions to stop the spread of the coronavirus – regardless of exposure

That means keeping your hands washed, staying away from others when you are sick, isolating if you have been exposed, wearing a mask when necessary, keeping physical distances and keeping numbers low

“Right now that’s an order too: you must stay in your household for social gatherings,” said Henry, adding that those who live alone can meet up with a close friend or two

This order is valid through January 8 and must be followed on New Year’s Eve, Henry said she appealed to British Columbians to do so to give healthcare workers a break

Raise a jar by 2021, she suggested take take away but keep it around the house or virtually connect it

“This is what we need to do to overcome this hump in our pandemic and make sure we move into 2021 to immunize the most vulnerable and get us through these next tough weeks”, said Henry

The Moderna vaccine arrived in B. On Tuesday, Henry said with more arriving in the coming days, she said once it arrives it will go to remote and isolated First Nations communities

She said the groundwork was laid with partners like First Nations and the First Nations Health Authority to ensure logistics, training and supplies are in place

“This is a very exciting and important step for us here in British Columbia,” said Henry

The Moderna vaccine is less demanding in terms of handling, making it more suitable for remote communities

So far, two people have had allergic reactions to the COVID-19 vaccination, Henry reported.She said this was not unexpected

Both people who had reactions received treatment, she said, and made full recoveries. Both were healthcare workers

Vaccinations were down over the weekend, but Henry said training and logistics were a focus in those days. She said these elements are both important to getting right with the “fussy” vaccines, and it’s not right to say that vaccination activity was on break

When asked about the head of the COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force in Ontario asking Health Canada to consider the possibility of giving Moderna’s vaccine as a single dose rather than two, Henry said one such change was “Absolutely” “Be helpful to get the most out of vaccine supplies

“It would be just wonderful if people only needed a single dose,” she said, “It would make our lives so much easier”

Henry said experts around the world are studying data on the effectiveness of the vaccine after the first dose, but for now it is a two-dose program

For December and January all cans BC. has received both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines used for first doses, no one being held back for a second dose as there is greater confidence in the supply chain

Henry said that second doses will occur for some people in February – 35 days after the first – and there is good data to suggest that immunity will persist for that time

Henry and Dix had their last press conference on December 23 new numbers were posted online on Christmas Eve, but the province has not had any new data since

It will be a few more days before the numbers begin to reflect whether holiday gatherings in new cases are spike given the 14 day incubation period of the virus

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