As Robert Wises’ film version of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s successful Broadway musical on Jan. Released March 1965, most contestants probably did not dream of the kind of exceptional staying power the film showed; They were just concerned that it would get its $ 8 million cost back and keep creditors off the door of beleaguered 20th Century-Fox star Julie Andrews was probably most concerned about portraying another sane nanny after Mary Poppins for her Image and her career would be affected But the film has held up with new releases and broadcasts as well as home videos and sing-alongs. Here are 10 facts about the classic film musical:

After the publication of their book The History of the Singers of the Trapp Family in 1949, there was interest from various quarters in buying the film rights. In 1955 the von Trapp family was buckled up for money and Maria sold the rights to the German film producer Wolfgang Reinhardt for a flat rate 9You and your family would not see royalties on the following two German films based on the von Trapp family’s adventures, or on the Broadway production of The Sound of Music, which ran for more than three years, or on the film version who has earned around $ 300 million

When the Broadway show opened in 1959 and was proving to be such a huge hit, the studio, which had already produced four R&H adaptations, bought film rights for $ 1.25 million. Then came Cleopatra, who consumed $ 40 million in studio resources who temporarily shut down Fox and made any new expensive business a dubious venture. It wasn’t until Richard Zanuck took over production management from Fox that the property was revitalized

William Wyler, a Swiss-German Jew who won three Academy Awards for Best Director, was originally hired to direct the film.He envisioned a lot more Nazis, swastikas, and cheering Austrian crowds to greet the Anschluss that the Ultimately, Wyler decided to direct the disturbing psychological thriller The Collector instead, and Robert Wise, who led the film version of West Side Story to 10 Oscars, stepped on board

Doris Day was seriously considered for the role of Maria, along with Leslie Caron, Anne Bancroft and even Grace Kelly Walter Matthau was actually tested for the role of Captain von Trapp, taking other names like Yul Brynner and Bing Crosby as well Fortunately, footage of Andrews in Mary Poppins was available to the filmmakers for the role, and she became the first choice, and Christopher Plummer was chosen for the danger he might bring to the captain

Charmian Carr was 21 and 22 years old when she portrayed the eldest von Trapp sibling.Nevertheless, she beat out competitors like Lesley Ann Warren, Teri Garr, Sharon Tate and Mia Farrow for the role

Trying to add some blonde highlights to the star’s natural dark brown locks resulted in something closer to orange to make her presentable for “My Favorite Things,” the first number to be shot at Fox Studios To do this, Andrew’s hair was bleached to Maria’s familiar golden color

Singer Bill Lee provided the singing voice for Captain von Trapp. The film also mentions the singing voice of Mother Abbess, who is played by Peggy Woods

Filming in Salzburg, Austria, which served The Sound of Music so well, has been an almost constant battle against the elements as it was a very wet and cool spring in Trapps’ hometown of Waiting for the Sun to prolong filming from eight to eleven weeks, and the number “Do-Re-Wed”, which takes up about nine minutes of screen time, lasted almost two months

The helicopter that captured that famous moment during the movie’s opening also caused a downdraft that even Andrews couldn’t withstand.Luckily, the problem didn’t arise until after the helicopter passed, so there was no footage of Andrews doing a pratfall made it in front of the camera

Back in Hollywood, Andrews and Plummer got punchy during one of the last scenes filmed. The arched lights that hung over the pavilion produced, in the words of the actress, “a raspberry sound” over and over again swept, so cameraman Ted McCord threw his romantic tracks in the shadows

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