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The seven-time Australian Open individual champion Serena Williams supported the quarantine rules of Tennis Australia before the start of the season while criticizing the arrangements of other players

Williams has been quarantined in Adelaide, as have Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, and he has been spared the harsh 14-day suspension that affected 72 players who arrived in Melbourne almost two weeks ago

Several Melbourne-based gamers have publicly voiced their frustration at being confined to their rooms after passengers tested positive for COVID-19 on the charter flights that took them to Australia

Spanish tennis player Paula Badosa beat up the organizers of the Australian Open earlier this week, calling her lengthy hotel quarantine “the worst experience” of her career after a positive coronavirus test

After the 14-day isolation, the players are allowed to train normally and take part in preparatory events next week

Some tennis players were locked in their hotel rooms for two weeks and were unable to exercise You have come up with new ways to prepare for the Australian Open

Williams, who was speaking from her hotel room in Adelaide on the US television program The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, did not target her teammates for criticizing the quarantine conditions

But she said she supports Tennis Australia’s stance on player quarantine ahead of the Open, which will take place on Aug. February begin at Melbourne Park

“You’re doing it right,” said Williams, who traveled to Australia with her young daughter Olympia

“It’s definitely hard for a three year old to be in the hotel all day, but it’s worth it because you want everyone to be safe at the end of the day”

Williams, who scored a record 24 in Melbourne Park will pursue big single titles, described the quarantine rules for players as “super, super strict”

“It’s crazy and super intense, but it’s super good because after that you can have a new normal like we were used to in the US last year,” she said

Nadal repeated a similar sentiment to Williams, feeling that the players have the privilege of being able to compete in the Australian Open

The Spaniard urged his fellow campaigners to look at strict health measures in Australia from a broader perspective

“When we got here we knew the measures were going to be tough because we knew the country was coping great with the pandemic,” Nadal told CNN

“It’s normal to complain in some way, but then again, when you have a slightly broader perspective of what’s going on see how many are dying around the world

“You see how many people lose their father, their mother without having a chance to say goodbye

“It is a real thing that happens for example in my country Close people close to me suffer from this situation”

“I feel that we are privileged people today and that we have the chance to continue our work”

Badosa, ranked 67th worldwide, was the first player to test positive for coronavirus when she arrived in Australia before the tournament and will not be able to use her hotel room until December 31 January leave

She arrived in Melbourne after playing in Abu Dhabi earlier this month and was in quarantine on her seventh day when her test came back positive

Badosa said she suffered from anxiety and claustrophobia and limited herself to doing sit-ups in her hotel room and using water bottles as weights to keep in shape

“The conditions here are unfortunate, I didn’t expect that,” Badosa told the Spanish newspaper Marca

on Monday

The number one thing people recommend when they have the virus is open the windows to let air in, but I don’t have any windows in my hotel room and it’s barely 15 square feet. “

Badosa was among a group of gamers who complained on Twitter about the need to quarantine at all, saying the rules were “changed overnight”

But she deleted the tweet after testing positive Instead, she wrote a post saying that she “understands the sad situation we live in” and that “health always comes first”

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World News – AU – “You’re doing it right”: Serena Williams praises the quarantine rules of the Australian Open

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