Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews has received an offer of assistance to get residents of NSW home as major delays continue to occur at the border

Victoria has registered three new cases of local overnight transmission – as health officials warn residents to expect lengthy delays at local coronavirus testing sites

The Victoria Health Department has only considered 175 of 2,295 exemption requests for people entering the state for compassionate or medical reasons Image: Gary Ramage / NCA NewsWireSource: News Corp Australia

Scott Morrison says he offered help to the Victorian government to get NSW residents home

Development follows revelations that the Victoria Department of Health only reviewed 175 of 2,295 exemption requests for people entering the state for compassionate or medical reasons

Queues of cars remain stranded at the border after the Victorian government classified all of NSW as a virus red zone and closed the border to the state over the New Year period

“These issues matter to them, so I (I) have been happy to speak to the Prime Minister about them and to support us to see if we can provide a better way home for the Victorians as soon as possible can Mr Morrison told 3AW on Tuesday

When asked if Prime Minister Daniel Andrews should return from vacation to deal with the border issue, Scott Morrison said, “People need to take their breaksImage: NCA NewsWire / Gary RamageSource: News Corp Australia

He said NSW wastewater tests had not shown positive results for COVID-19 outside of the metropolitan areas of Sydney and Wollongong, which is similar to the situation in Victoria

Mr Morrison said it would be great if border restrictions were eased soon, given the “success” in both NSW and Victoria

“The federal government has no power over states when it comes to their public health contracts for this species,” he said

“The state governments must be transparent and explain these decisions. They must weigh the risks along with the costs and the effects and disruptions”

In a statement, the Department of Health and Human Services said it worked through 175 exemptions on Sunday

“In all cases, applicants have demonstrated negative COVID-19 tests. More staff are being deployed to speed up this process,” it says

People crossing over must then have a COVID-19 test within 24 hours of arriving in Victoria

Acting Prime Minister Jacinta Allan says priority will be given to people who must come to Victoria for medical reasons Image: David Crosling / NCA NewsWireSource: News Corp Australia

Acting Prime Minister Jacinta Allan said it is “a priority” to refer people with medical needs and other emergencies, with other situations being assessed “on a case-by-case basis”

“For residents living in the established border bubble that they can enter, there is no return limit”

She said the state government was looking at cases where families were trying to get across the border to school on time

“But any decision based on someone coming back from NSW will only be granted an exemption based on health advice and their moves at the time,” she said

Victoria registered four new cases of coronavirus on Monday – one remains in hotel quarantine and three were acquired locally and linked to the Black Rock restaurant cluster

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