Regular readers may recall that the previous Kia Sorento was the’ Datsun 1600 ‘???? the brand was Moment, you know, the moment when a young brand is finally growing up, like Nissan did with the legendary 510 Series 1600 from 1968 The opposite of shark jumping

The last Sorento, which started in 2015, scored Kia’s first Wheels comparison victory, attracted many new customers and lifted the brand out of bargain status

The Kia, built on a larger platform with seven seats, grows in all directions and also has a wheelbase extension for even better family-friendly packaging and a greater load capacity. Everything on board!

Visually, the cabin with its Mercedes-like touchscreen dashboard, the stylized ventilation slots and the attention to detail is as impressive as the eye-catching exterior design to create a first-class ambience from the base S to the top

Even the cheapest option has seven airbags (including a center airbag in the first row in the first row to prevent the knocking of noggins), AEB with pedestrian / cyclist detection, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic warning, Adaptive Cruise, front / rear parking sensors, wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, double Bluetooth connectivity, multiple USBs, a full-size spare part and â ???? Naturally???? a seven year guarantee

While the Kia has passed the latest ANCAP crash tests, the rearmost occupants are missing out on airbag protection. Back (row) lives matter too, you know!

The lavishly equipped GT line threatens luxury SUVs with opulence Kia calls this the “high-tech car of all time”, which has made great strides in the areas of safety, communication, connectivity and multimedia Approaching functionality Apart from the glamor of the showroom, there are two very different Sorentos

The heading is “AWD-only 2” 2-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel (148 kW / 440 Nm), which is now lighter, a little bolder, but significantly more efficient than before ???? mainly due to the introduction of a dual clutch instead of a torque converter car, the latter is carried over in the V6 petrol; both offer eight speeds

While the diesel is staggering at idle, the refinement of the diesel is impressive and its economy excellent, but with sufficient flexible power once this slight initial turbo lag is overcome

In contrast, the front-wheel drive is just 200 kW / 332 Nm 35-liter V6 uses 36 l / 100 km more fuel (bigger than Mazda’s CX-9 and Toyota Kluger), and that’s probably because it’s feeling breathless feels like until you squeeze the throttle against the firewall, at which point the Kia with the bigger engine really packs a wallop, although sometimes it’s too much for the scratchy front tires

So why not a petrol AWD? Other markets achieve a 25-liter four-pot in Atmo (no, thanks) and Turbo (yes, please!), But not Oz. However, turbo hybrids (series and plug-in) are coming

The Sorento has undergone an Australian road calibration, resulting in a specific local tuning for its strut front and double wishbone rear suspension, especially over gravel, the level of safety and control deserves recognition

But the COTY judges found that the V6 did not level off as easily as the diesel due to sudden changes in direction, with the rattling of the rack further impairing the composure

So overall, the Sorento is an eye-catching, people-friendly evolution of its revolutionary predecessor, but not as consistent across the range as we’d hoped and requires some compromises, but if you spend enough money, you have a very good 7- Seater AWD Diesel SUV

“Boosts itself with a very industrial design and it shows in the indications that it is focused on the US market”The car has solid stance and an imposing presence with the frowning headlights and the distinctive underbite in the front bumper

The taillights look like a Cadillac SUV The interior, especially the GT-Line, has a retro space age character; A bit picky at times, but it seems like a competent, well-equipped family freight forwarderâ ????

Kia has finally come of age and its rivals must be seriously concerned

The Kia Sorento is a seven-seater SUV that is beautifully finished and comfortable to drive The optional diesel engine is nifty and powerful, and automatic braking is standard

The Kia Sorento is a seven-seater SUV that is beautifully finished and comfortable to drive The optional diesel engine is nifty and powerful, and automatic braking is standard

Kia Sorento

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