Olivia Rodrigo apparently enjoyed this SNL sketch about “Driver’s License” because the musician just announced that the sketch in question starred her biggest celebrity crush … Pete Davidson

As ET noted, Olivia was “annoyed” by the sketch in which a group of men in a pool hall gave up their defenses and sang and cried to their viral hit, “I think making fun of and parodying SNL , is the greatest compliment in the whole world It was so surreal, “she said in a Radiocom interview. Best for Olivia, however, was that her crush, SNL star Pete Davidson, appeared on the play

“Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that they would do a ‘driver’s license’ sketch where they played the entire ‘driver’s license’,” shared Olivia, “and Pete Davidson, who is my biggest celeb crush , sang it and compared me to Taylor Swift who is my idol It was just crazy It was also when I was 18 years old Birthday so it was just a crazy day “What a birthday present!

“Drivers License” inspires more than just SNL sketches Since the song about lost love fell, it has smashed Spotify records and has largely gone viral on TikTok, where fans are making their own covers.The song is said to be inspired by a real love triangle, although the parties involved (Olivia, her co- Star Joshua Bassett and Sabrina Carpenter) have eluded their true origins “It’s resonating with people because it’s so emotional and I don’t think anything else matters,” Olivia told Billboard

Pete didn’t reply to Olivia’s crush, but after seeing him sing along and call for “driver’s license” on the SNL sketch, we totally understand

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