Authorities lashed an NSW woman down for driving through a Victorian border checkpoint at night, turning off lights and dodging police for hours on the street, spikes were used to stop her car

Health Secretary Martin Foley convicted the 57-year-old from the Central Coast in New South Wales for endangering the life of the police

People from the Central Coast and greater Sydney are banned from entering Victoria after a coronavirus cluster emerged on the city’s northern beaches

Police said the Bateau Bay woman drove “at high speed” through Chandlers Creek checkpoint in East Gippsland early Wednesday morning

A chase was abandoned and an off duty police officer spotted her near Nhill in western Victoria later that afternoon

“The woman was arrested without incident and will later be examined and interviewed by detectives for crimes such as life-threatening behavior, failure to stop on police orders, and violations of the chief health officer’s instructions,” the police said

“I was extremely upset Anyone denied entry by NSW, especially those from the red zones, will be denied entry on public health grounds,” said Foley,

“Coming back at 3 a.m. and driving through a police checkpoint at speed and then turning off the lights to avoid being detected is a level of bad behavior that any Victorian would surely condemn

“I condemn anyone who goes through and breaches these important border checkpoints because they are there to protect us

“Endangering police officers is bad behavior that I believe every Victorian to condemn”

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