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Senior Victorian Liberal MP David Davis says his party will speak to House of Lords Bernie Finn after posting false pro-Trump conspiracy theories on his private Facebook page

The posts were shared both before and after the storm on the US Capitol to prevent the democratic transfer of power to President-elect Joe Biden

In an early post before the violence broke out in the United States, Finn’s personal account falsely alleged that the Deep State Forces “inappropriately” removed President Donald Trump from office

After the riot broke out, Mr. Finn shared an article in the far-right fringe publication The Washington Times alleging that anti-fascist activists had “infiltrated” the rioters who stormed the Capitol

This claim, echoed by some of Trump’s Republican allies, has been described as “free of evidence” by NBC News and deemed false by the New York Times

When asked about the comments on Friday, Mr. Davis, the shadow minister for transportation infrastructure, said he “fundamentally” disagreed

“I believe they are wrong I think the election result is very clear and I think there have been a number of horrific events in America lately and I think the community is appalled by what they saw “

He said the Liberal Party would “certainly speak to Mr Finn about the comments” but did not outline any action that could be taken

Mr. Finn, who is a member of the Western Metropolitan Area, is also the shadow deputy minister for Autism and Small Businesses

“The truth is, people across the community disagree with his view,” said Davis

“People are allowed to speak, but after I say that, it is up to us to say if we think they are wrong”

Liberal MP and shadow tourism minister Cindy McLeish said Thursday she has not seen the posts but does not support conspiracy theories about the “fair and square” US election result

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