Victoria has registered three new locally acquired cases of coronavirus and one with an international traveler.There are now 36 active cases across the state

A Sikh temple in southeast Melbourne, Puffing Billy and a Nandos in Melbourne CBD have been added to Victoria’s list of exposure sites

Today’s test results come from more than 32000 tests on Sunday Testing continued at 8 a.m. today at some locations

Thousands of nurses and midwives have been asked to urgently staff shifts at coronavirus test sites in long lines and closings in some locations on Sunday

State health officials admitted they were unable to flip a switch to restore clinics to testing capacity immediately Many tired employees went on vacation when they were 60000 Victorians rushed home from NSW and needed a test

While 13 drive-through inspection stations were extended to at least 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., there were waiting times of up to four hours in some centers at the weekend

A person with COVID-19 visited Keysborough Sikh Temple on Perry Road between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. on New Years Day

Puffing Billy’s Lakeside Station, the popular tourist attraction in the Dandenong Ranges, had a person visiting with COVID-19 on New Year’s Eve

A person with COVID-19 also visited Nando on Elizabeth Street in the early hours of the New Year.

The popular Stomping Ground Brewery in Collingwood was also added to the list of exposure sites December negotiated on site

The Ministry of Health and Human Services website was regularly updated with new exposure sites on Monday

Stephen Duckett, director of the Grattan Institute’s health program, said a goal of not getting cases in Victoria by mid-January was “achievable,” while proposals we would zero out by the weekend may be off / p>

He said there were ultimately only “so many who volunteered” to be tested after being in NSW that test centers were not surprisingly flooded

“(People) responded to the call and in many cases stood in line for hours and testing capacity was overwhelmed. That’s not a good sign,” he told 3AW Breakfast

“But it’s a good sign in a sense that people have realized the problem and are ready to help, ready to go ‘Well, I could be at risk, I could be contagious, so I’m ready to be checked’

“There are only a handful of cases and we know the places they came from. Admittedly, more and more [exposure sites] are found”

It would be worrying if new daily case numbers were double digits, he said “But it’s also about the mystery cases All the mysterious cases we don’t know where they’re from should be worried”

On Sunday, Black Rock Thai restaurant cluster rose to 21 linked cases in a promising sign that the outbreak can be contained, there have been no mysterious cases to date in Victoria and the cluster has established more than 500 primary and secondary close ties identified

Karen Price, president of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, feared that if the testing delays continued, pregnant women, young children, and people with disabilities would stand in line for hours

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews, who was on vacation, tweeted Monday morning that the new cases were not what the Victorians were hoping for, but that the virus would never just go away

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