Welcome back to Cairns on Cinema I hope you all managed to get through the holiday season in one piece and have some good movie DVDs or Blu-Rays under the Christmas tree

Normally, around this time of year, I would start writing my Cairns on Cinema box office in the reviews column, but I’ve decided to spend another week on this depressing topic and just focus on the latest news


I don’t know about you, but I’m glad the “Blockbusters” are back in circulation, albeit in an unusual way. It makes life seem more normal

Christmas Day 2020 marked Wonder Woman’s 1984 debut, making this the second Wonder Woman film to be directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot The film is set in the dazzling 1980s

Yes, the Reagan, Thatcher and Gorbachev decade! Michael Jackson! Yuppies! Robin Leach! Lifestyles of the rich and famous!

Think about it, it was Donald Trump’s decade too – but it seems like every decade is the “Trump Decade” in one way or another, including our current Trump, you’re fired!

It is a sure sign that we are all getting old when the nostalgia of the eighties is spread in films.I remember watching the spy film Atomic Blondestarring Charlize Theron a few years ago, set in Berlin in 1989 when the wall came down.This movie was even better for the nostalgia with its rock tunes from the eighties – all those tunes that kept playing on music video shows on MTV So the eighties are making a big pop culture comeback Over Time

To be honest, it would have been even funnier if this latest Wonder Woman movie had been made in the 1970s because that’s when the TV show aired.It might have resulted in a better movie – I note that there are a lot of complaints about how long it takes

Obviously, Dec. The release date had been postponed several times, and in the end it wasn’t even the full theatrical introduction that they were hoping for. They’re doing a combo theatrical release

All in all, they did good business on its first weekend movie theater, Wonder Woman made $ 16 million in domestic sales in 1984, which is the best domestic box office weekend for a movie since the pandemic, in contrast, the first Wonder Woman movie had in the In 2017, an opening weekend of $ 103 million that gives you a good idea of ​​how far the home box office has fallen for the movies in general

If you add the $ 68 million gross from international markets, Wonder Woman made $ 84 million to date in 1984, which sounds good until you realize they are now making hundreds of millions of dollars under normal circumstances should

Warner Bros have to bring themselves to their knees for all the money it doesn’t make from this release but I think they just decided to get it over with I also find it bizarre to read all of these headlines claiming Will Wonder Woman 1984 “dominated” the box office this weekend I’m sorry but that’s “fake news” $ 167 million is in no way “domination” but it’s better than nothing

I note that the CGI-animated soul from Disney PIXAR with the voices of stars like Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey is also being released digitally on the Disney Plus platform this week. Usually, PIXAR movies are absolutely clean and tidy at the box office often at the top of the box office for the week Soul is another movie that could be expected to hit around Nov.000 theaters open for blockbuster weekend numbers in excess of $ 60 million or $ 70 million or so. But these are not normal times, so this film is getting a digital release that would have been unknown a year ago

Okay, I’ve had enough of reporting to the box office. Now for the lighter side of the news

I want to talk about the incident that went viral not so long ago – the infamous “chatter” of Tom Cruise who blew his staff up while filming the latest Mission Impossible movie in the UK

Cruise reportedly caught a few workers who violated the COVID-19 protocols because they were too close to each other near a computer and this prompted him to ballistically treat his entire crew it launched a rant that was eventually recorded and circulated to the press It ended in the British tabloid The Sun

“We are the gold standard!” Cruise yelled, “They’re in Hollywood right now, making movies because of us! Because they believe in us and what we do! I call every damn studio, insurance company, producer at night and they look at us and use us to make their films

“We’re creating thousands of jobs, you moron! I never want to see it again! And if you don’t, you will be fired! If I see you doing it again, you’re gone and everyone in this crew does it, it is – and you too and you too! And you – you never do it again !! That’s it, no excuse! You can tell the people who are losing their homes because our industry is closed ”

How viral did this joke get? I noticed that even John Gormley had a great day with it on his radio show and kept playing the sound

Gormley compared it to Cruise’s scene in Jerry Maguire, “Help me help you !! Baaaahahahahaha !!

Of course, this isn’t the only weird incident involving Cruise, who was ridiculed for his “Jumping On A Couch” incident on the Oprah Winfrey Show years ago, but pretty much the entire cinema audience is now put off by his antics the reason he’s still a big star is because his movies are too good and he’s too good at Top Gun! Jerry Maguire! Mission impossible!

Personally, I think this whole incident is a good example of how toxic things are in Hollywood in general, in a broader sense, it also shows you the pressure on everyone with the COVID-19 regulations on businesses Pressurizing Hollywood is pressured more than most, revenue is being decimated, and filming is halted globally.It’s damned difficult to even film in this environment, and it’s harder to get a decent release for the finished product of a movie Remember that getting movie shooting going in normal times is a challenge.Even if you are able to fund a movie and get a production started, you have all of these new health restrictions and protocols that you must follow in addition to all of the other health and safety and other regulations that you must do on one m shoot a film

Much is at stake for the Mission Impossible franchise, including its own money and Cruise’s reputation (what’s left of it) Add to that pressure to be roasted in the media for COVID-19 violations on set which could result in all production being halted by the government and kicked out of the country.Even compliance with the rules is not enough to prevent many businesses from closing in this environment – particularly in the UK which is in is at a great standstill

If ever anything should become known about COVID-19 violations in Mission Impossible 7 in the UKand then a big scandal breaks out, who are the press and government going to pursue? Who else: Tom Cruise!

While this mundane chatter certainly doesn’t look good at all to Cruise – and I understand that some of his crew members resigned in disgust following this unprofessional portrayal – its breakdown is actually understandable.These times we live in drive us all Wand, and the pressure to keep businesses alive is unimaginable.Some have more problems with it than others – like Cruise, of course

If you think you have problems with COVID-19, you know you are not alone I just thought this whole Tom Cruise story was just funny

Tom Cruise

World News – AU – Update on Wonder Woman 1984, Tom Cruise and other movie news

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