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In a video message US President Donald Trump has urged supporters to “go home” but has also repeated false claims that he won the election by “landslide” – a claim that led to violent protests in the US Capitol has led

The video was released more than two hours after protesters stormed the Capitol on Wednesday when lawmakers convened for an extraordinary joint session to confirm the results of the electoral college and the victory of President-elect Joe Biden

Mr Trump opened his video and said, “I know your pain I know your pain But you have to go home now”

“We can’t play into the hands of these people We must have peace So go home We love you You are very special”

Republican lawmakers and former government officials had asked Mr. Trump to provide a statement to his supporters in order to quell the violence

The explanation came as the authorities struggled to take control of a chaotic situation in the Capitol that led to the evacuation of the legislature

When Mr. Trump repeated unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud in the video statement and in several tweets, Twitter blocked his account for 12 hours

Mr. Trump has been instructed to remove tweets that violate “Twitter’s rules, including our Civil Integrity or Violent Threats Policy,” or the account would be permanently banned

Twitter initially blocked retweets and likes on Mr Trump’s video “because of the risk of violence,” but later removed it along with two other tweets from Mr Trump making the same claim again

In a statement, Twitter said they removed the posts “for repeated and serious violations of our Citizens’ Integrity Policy”

Guy Rosen, vice president of integrity at Facebook, tweeted the social media company that the video “is more likely to add to the risk of persistent violence than it does reduce” and said the move was part of “appropriate immediate action”

Moments ago, in a live speech, Mr Biden also urged Mr Trump to immediately make a televised address urging his supporters to stop the violence he described as an “unprecedented attack”

He called the violent protests “an attack on the most sacred American corporation: the conduct of the people’s business”

Mr Biden also twittered on Mr Trump to “keep his oath and defend the constitution by calling for an end to this siege”

“At best, a president’s words can inspire. At worst, they can inspire,” said Biden as he “urged this mob to step back and move forward with democracy.

“Let me be very clear – the scenes of the chaos in the Capitol do not reflect real America, do not represent who we are What we see is a small number of extremists indulged in lawlessness

“This is not a contradiction. It is disorder, it is chaos. It verges on turmoil and must end now”

Local media reported that a person had been shot dead and a video showed a person being rolled out of the building on a stretcher

Vice President Mike Pence, who presided over the joint session of Congress, had already been escorted from the Senate

The chaotic scenes came after Mr Trump, who refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power prior to the election if he lost, approached thousands of protesters and reiterated unsubstantiated claims that the contest was due to widespread election fraud and Irregularities have been stolen

Lawmakers had debated one final effort by pro-Trump lawmakers to question the results, an effort that was unlikely to be successful

Critics had labeled the efforts of the Republican legislature as an attack on American democracy and the rule of law and an attempted coup

The Capitol Police urged lawmakers in the Chamber of the House to take gas masks from under their seats and prepare to put them on

Officers at the front door of the chamber of the house had their guns drawn when someone tried to enter the chamber

Officers ordered people in the chamber to fall to the ground for their safety. Several hundred members of the House of Representatives, staff and the press were evacuated to an undisclosed location and told not to leave the house

Election officials from both parties and independent observers said the contest on Jan. November had not given any significant fraud, which Mr Biden won with more than 7 million votes in the national referendum

Weeks have passed since states finalized confirmation that Democrat Biden won the election by 306 electoral college votes to 232 votes from Mr Trump

Mr Trump’s extraordinary challenges to Mr Biden’s victory have been rejected by courts across the country

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