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Khabib Nurmagomedov is already considered one of the UFC greats of all time, and now his cousin Umar wants to leave his mark

Umar made his UFC debut on Fight Island 8 on Wednesday against Serguy Morozov, a 31-year-old Kazakh with a 16-3 record

The 25-year-old Umar had helped Khabib guide his career and started his career with a second, behind bare choke

The first round started off lukewarm when both men were feeling each other, but it was clear from the start that Umar has some seriously trained feet as he looked for kicks, question marks kicks, crane kicks, as you call it

It took him two minutes to shoot his opponent under his cousin’s trademark, and quickly gained control of Morozov’s back

When his opponent was looking for an entry point or kicked, the Russian’s timing was full and he cracked it with a few very stiff thrusts

A Morozov tried to throw an overhand to the right, Umar shot at him faster than a hiccup and scored his second farewell in the round, again pulling his opponent’s back back, but the buzzer would save Morozov from real damage

Umar rocked his opponent to open the second round This shot frenzied Khabib on the cage side as he encouraged his cousin to reach the goal Khabib kept talking to his cousin from the cage side throughout the fight

Every time Morozov tried to land something on Umar, the 24-year-old found a way to shoot for the takedown and was successful on almost every attempt

After he had turned his back on Morozov again, he synchronized himself with the bare choke behind and coldly subjugated his opponent

Fair play for Morozov because he didn’t knock, but there was no way he could escape either

He comforted his cousin’s opponent and then reconnected with old teammate Daniel Cormier, who conducted the interview after the fight

Khabib was translating for his cousin when he was interviewed by Cormier and he said he was happy to win just like that

Khabib did it nine years ago to this day with a back bare choke, but he did it one lap faster than his cousin!

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Umar Nurmagomedov

World news – AU – Umar Nurmagomedov – who had cousin Khabib as Eckmann – wins the UFC debut