It’s rare for a public company to stretch this far into the realm of obnoxious behavior, but Twitter does
Last week’s actions repelled me more than Union Carbide’s Bhopal, Boeing
repeated failures with the 787 Max, J&J
Tylenol scandal, and really every other corporate action I’ve seen in my life

ANKARA, TURKEY – 9 JANUARY: In this photo illustration, a laptop screen shows the [] Twitter logo and a phone screen shows the official POTUS account in Ankara, Turkey on Jan. January 2021 on Twitter removed the tweets of US President Donald Trump from the POTUS account

For a social media platform to censor a world leader and at the same time giving a voice to hate preachers like Louis Farrakhan Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei and even OJ Not only is Simpson wrong from a free speech standpoint, it’s actually a terrible proposition, Twitter has shown little to no sequential growth in its user base recently (details below), but it’s still valued like its big tech growth brethren, Twitter isn’t growing , it’s shrinking as measured by the rate of global economic growth, and that reduction will accelerate dramatically after Twitter insulted every conservative in America with its action to ban President Trump. Only fools in Congress and big tech apologists would think Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act should apply to TwitterIt is a publisher, not a platform point

First and foremost, here’s how to deactivate your Twitter account, I used this excellent article from the Today show last week to kill my account, and it took me over half an hour and it took me more than half an hour to make this difficult Leaving this company is a classic big tech strategy to increase user count, but eventually I succeeded, it was worth it, I will never use this platform again

But I do stocks, not activism, and even if a new breed of conscious capitalism is my investment strategy for 2021, I still need to make some money.Twitter stocks will fall 7% on the Monday before trading, and the market will soon Realize that this platform will shrink dramatically Even on a good day, Twitter is a dead end of hate speech, lies (including investment advice), and a “trending” algorithm that seems to have a remarkably consistent bias left I won’t be the last person who canceled it

I have never interacted with an ad on Twitter (or Facebook) and would never spend a dime with a company that tried to reach me on a private social media channel. I don’t do “culture break”? ??? But I think Twitter is going radioactive for advertisers as half of the US is outraged by what they did, and that’s not good for business

The user base reported by Twitter itself grew sequentially by a whopping 1% in the third quarter of 20, internationally by 1% and in the US by 0% SThe comparisons were much better year over year (29% overall) but keep in mind that 2020 was an exceptional year for news flowBut Twitter is no news I think Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is both a pathological liar and a terrible person, so I don’t believe Twitter’s user numbers at all, the mDAU metric that Twitter is now using is mirrored, and they will clearly keep changing the metrics until they find one that looks decent, which is a classic big tech maneuver

In US dollars, Twitter had third-quarter revenue of $ 936 million (millions, not billions, this is a small business) with a very low (for big tech) operating margin of 6% and net margin up 3% After a whopping $ 1 billion loss in the second quarter, Twitter rebounded to hit $ 28 million in the third quarter That is just irrelevant

With negative free cash flow of $ 74 million in the third quarter, but $ 7, with 6 billion in cash and stocks on the balance sheet, Twitter is worth more than zero but extraordinarily less than what it was $ 5148 per share the market according to TWTR stock on FridayYes, we completely forgot how to rate stocksTwitter isn’t the only one, but it’s the easy one

With an earnings power of less than $ 1 billion (TWTR reported net income of $ 1, I think this is a steady state stock, no growth, no dividend, and no significant free cash flow, which doesn’t even deserve a market multiplier, but since it’s technology, we’re giving TWTR the insane 25x the real earning power given to the S&P 500So add about $ 5 billion in cash (minus debt), a real cash earning power of about $ 750 Dollars a year, and use the 30th September outstanding 800 million shares, and you get fair value to Twitter of just under $ 30 per share.But Twitter’s user base has shrunk dramatically over the past week in my opinion, so $ 30 is more of a best case -Scenario for earning power that doesn’t exist with a smaller user base

So let’s say someone thought the fair value of TWTR was in the high 20’s and was paying $ 20 for TWTR to imply an attractive rate of return and using that as our stock price target This implies a drop of more than 50% from current levels How long will it be before we get there? Not long in my opinion, plus, when trading options, you need to consider the overreaction that always occurs on an inflection event, do I think Twitter stock will trade below $ 20, at least temporarily, between now and late March? Hell, yes

So when looking for that perfect options contract, always look for a contract with a reasonable number of outstanding contracts (which implies a cheaper contract) and relatively low implied volatility I see that on the 19th March 2021 TWTR $ 25 puts are quoted at $ 013 this morning, and man, I need to get some of them Pre-market quotes are notoriously unreliable for deep out-of-the-money options contracts So let the market open and do a little bit of trading before you buy I will do that today for my personal account and for my greatest risk – conscious customers

How To Make Money Betting Against Twitter The New Conscious Capitalism Of 2021 Includes Tackling Big Tech Censorship And The Monopoly Power That These Corporations Wield, Jack Dorsey, on Twitter, isn’t just a repulsive human stain (like this testimony from Congress proves and was scrapped by Senator Ted Cruz), his company isn’t that big or growing that fast – and is about to shrink, I sometimes feel uncomfortable with Amazon
Power, but I’m not going to be opting out of Prime anytime soon, and I don’t have the guts to bet against Jeff Bezos’ stock. But Dorsey is not Bezos and TWTR is not AMZN

Twitter is a faux-tech outfit with no competitive moat and with a customer base full of idiots, it’s too small to be considered big tech, but the media has given it an oversized influence. Only you and I can wage this war and Destroying the Base of Twitter So delete your account and close the inventoryEarning money while doing the right thing feels extra good ain’t it?

I looked for stocks for 27 years, starting in college at Lehman Brothers and then moving to Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette. I was a senior analyst at DLJ

I looked for stocks for 27 years, starting at college at Lehman Brothers and then moving to Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette. I was a senior analyst at US auto parts companies at DLJ before moving to London to do European auto coverage from DLJ, and then switched to UBS.I had a decade of experience on the sales side and achieved the CFA designation.After years of building my own portfolio, I founded Portfolio Guru LLC three years ago I create portfolios for my clients on paid, separately managed basis and write about small shares in my newsletter MicroCap Guru My work can also be seen on Real Money, TheStreet’s premium portal, com The Sanskrit root of “Guru” combines “dispel” and “darkness” “I invest exclusively for individuals and try for them to dispel the darkness that emanates from Wall Street My friends mac hen love to make fun of my nom de stick, and when I’m not guru-ing I enjoy spending time with them, outdoor activities, and trying NYC. Can be reached at jim @ excap biz

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