A nine-month-old feud between two of the biggest egos in national journalism sparked spectacularly last week when Stan Grant launched a revenge attack on Peter FitzSimons

Previously, the cordial relationship between the two of them has been up and down since their opinion page argued over FitzSimons’ book on Captain James Cook last year Grant took the opinion pages of that paper to refer to some parts of the book as “ridiculous”

Fast forward to last week when Grant contributed a chapter to the Australian’s progressive crime novel (progressive in his release schedule, obviously not in his policy), an attempt by the boring broadsheet to liven up the stupid season

Grant opened his chapter at “Fitzy and Lisa’s Australia Day Barbecue in Their Big House Overlooking Sydney Harbor” – the home of the Sydney Morning Herald columnist and wife, project host Lisa Wilkinson

“What a lively left-handed love it was: Journos, actors, writers, a few ex-wallabies (well, it was the north coast), a few washed up politicians, even a few liberals (little l of course) and a former executive director of ABC for good measure

“Everyone there voted yes for same-sex marriage – the year before last they all applauded their first gay couple guests with tears – they hated the Catholic Church and cried when Kevin Rudd apologized”

Grant’s abolition appeared without warning. The couple subsequently did not speak, but exchanged angry texts Both sounded baffled when CBD called

“It’s fiction, it’s satire Laugh, I mock myself just like everyone else in it,” Grant said before hurrying

It’s been less than a week since ALP Leader Anthony Albanese rearranged the lounge chairs in his opposition cabinet. Changes included the appointment of Kristina Keneally as Labor spokeswoman for government accountability to Already the NSW Senator, who is also the Interior Spokeswoman for Labor, seems to be taking her new role very seriously. In fact, the former NSW Prime Minister submitted a lot of information last week on the various gifts she received last year

Most of them were very bad: The collection of essays from the conversation “The year that changed us”; a grandma’s pudding from the trade magazine CropLife Australia; The US Consul General to NSW and QLD sent souvenirs for the 27th anniversary of the MLC center in Sydney The Port of Brisbane provided a copy of The Port of Brisbane, Its People and Personalities and Catholic Health Australia sent three pins for World Day of the Sick, which is held for Jan. February is scheduled

But some very well: The Consul General of Bangladesh sent a bottle of Moet & Chandon to liven up some of the country’s Foreign Ministry publications and a blue jewelry box was donated by the Jewish National Fund of Australia

Surveys are not required to reveal gifts valued at less than $ 300 This makes the registration of a Health Services Union t-shirt curious until you remember Keneally going up against veteran Deb O’Neill later this year for top reckoning on the NSW Senate Ticket. there is no point in being humble about your support base

The NSW Jewish Board of Deputies has a challenge ahead of it. Attempts are made to find a successor for the managing director Vic Alhadeff, who resigned in October after 16 years

President Lesli Berger has informed members that Alhadeff will be stepping down from office until July and will become a public affairs and media advisor on the board. He announced that an internal selection committee will work with external recruiters

Given the fireworks displayed within the group that includes former NSW Secretary of Transportation Eric Roozendaal, publisher Robert Magid, and non-executive director Jillian Segal, it’s probably best to take full advice, Remember Remember the spit that broke out in 2020 when the emergence of a new faction within the organization made the election of MPs what has been dubbed the “Coup of the Century” But we digress

The JBD turned the search task over to Boyden Australia, who recently completed the other difficult task of finding a boss to lead the state’s deeply troubled labor compensation agency, icare, but Berger has also recruited his members for the task

In an email in late January, the Probuild boss encouraged members who think they might apply. Others are free to forward the job description to anyone they think fit the bill This describes the role of the CEO as “responsible for strengthening JBD’s respected brand, forging and maintaining strong alliances, coalitions and partnerships, and for ensuring organizational effectiveness, including leading digital transformation. Basic skills, including the ability to act on behalf of the organization” To lobby, to exert influence and to convince “Knowledge of the Jewish faith is desired

The combative Queensland Senator Pauline Hanson angered her fellow travelers in the arrivals hall of Brisbane Airport on Friday when she visited the baggage carousel without a mask. Hanson had been in the Bundestag for a week and flew directly from Canberra to Brisbane, presumably she was in the January not too kindly expressed about a national cabinet policy making masks mandatory on all flights and at all Australian airports

Hanson has been an outspoken critic of social distancing, citing a number of public health initiatives to “overly” minimize the spread of COVID Their Victorian One Nation members have urged the state to lift tough public health restrictions in favor of the more liberal approaches of Sweden, Taiwan and Switzerland on Sunday, Hanson was less enthusiastic about sharing their views, with a representative not returning calls and emails for comment

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Samantha is a CBD columnist for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald.She recently worked for News Corp in the political and business sectors in Victoria and New South Wales, and previously worked for the Australian Financial Review

Stephen Brook is CBD columnist for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age He was a former feature and media editor for The Australian, where he wrote the Media Diary column and worked for The Guardian in London for six years >

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