The Queensland Chief Health Officer says they are monitoring Toowoomba for COVID-19 outbreaks after a large group of people traveled to an exposure site in Southeast Queensland

Dr Jeanette Young said the group had traveled to a pub in Brisbane and back to Toowoomba, but did not provide any further details

“We didn’t have positive cases in this group, but they were in one of the most worrying places,” said Dr Young

“There were people from here who were in a certain place in Brisbane,” said Cr Antonio

“I think there were some people from here who were in a certain place in Byron Bay

“I’m concerned about this, but the reality is that I think this has been handled particularly well by the federal and state governments”

The NT declared Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan City, Redland City, Moreton Bay and Toowoomba to be coronavirus hotspots on Monday afternoon

Anyone aged 25 and over Arrived in the NT on March 25th after staying in Ipswich, Logan City, Redland City or Gladstone, must self-isolate and get tested for coronavirus for the next 72 hours

Everyone in the NT who March is in Toowoomba, must be tested and isolated

“We need to remember that the Northern Territory is a very, very high risk because of the high numbers of people living in the First Nations and their remote indigenous communities,” she said

NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner is also in isolation pending COVID test results after contacting a family member who recently came to Darwin from Toowoomba

Dr Young said authorities were continuing to monitor the situation across Queensland and had asked anyone with symptoms to get tested

“That doesn’t mean I’m particularly concerned about Toowoomba, but it’s an area we’re looking at as we are the entire state,” she said

“The message here is that no matter where they are in Queensland, people should be on the alert

“I don’t think it matters whether you’re in Gladstone or Toowoomba or the Gold Coast, it’s somewhere in Queensland”

According to Queensland Health, everyone must wear a mask when leaving their home and wear it indoors, including supermarkets, workplaces, on public transport and in ridesharing

Goondiwindi Regional Council Mayor Lawrence Springborg said retailers are urgently sourcing more masks under the Queensland Health Policy

“There has been an exceptional demand for face masks this creates a real problem in the supply chain

“I suppose this is being repeated right now in our churches, including all of Queensland,” he said

“The directive is understandable, but then supply chains will have to catch up and that is a real challenge for us

Cr Springborg said the council did not have any mask stocks available to the general public

Some private schools in Toowoomba are closing early due to the COVID lockdown in Brisbane

Glennie School principal Mary Anne Evans said it was open to children of key workers and vulnerable people, but all other students were asked to stay at home

She said 40 employees, more than 35 percent of the workforce, had been in Brisbane and self-isolated

“Obviously, you need to have the right oversight and we thought that would be the most sensible decision given we had two days to go before the end of the term,” said Ms. Evans

“We also thought it advisable that families with boarding schools can bring their children home until there are further closures or the possibility that Toowoomba is also nominated as a hotspot

Can you still exercise? Do you have to wear a mask while driving? Here’s what we know about Brisbane’s three-day lockdown

“Everyone just has to do their part for the good of the state across the country,” she said

“We’re talking two days of disruption so we can take care of the health of the community and make sure we can stop the spread of this cluster in Brisbane”

“You will still have lessons in the Google classroom, but it won’t be online learning,” she said

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