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Tiny Pretty Things is exactly the kind of escapism the world needs to end 2020, with an addicting mix of great ballet performances and unlikely scandals that are (hopefully) so far removed from real life that you can Can’t See Away for 10 Episodes in a Row Netflix ‘latest YA series, based on the novel of the same name by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton, has been repeatedly described as a cross between Black Swan and Pretty Little Liars that leads to a show where you get from are completely irreversibly enthusiastic about the first episode – or more likely in the first few minutes in which you have fully invested in the question of who dropped a star ballerina from the roof, and fully fascinated by the perfectly choreographed dance scenes

Honestly, with its wonderful Campy dialogue, almost unbelievable storylines, and incredible dance breaks, the show’s only flaw is that there is no more of it – with luck, we’ll get another episode of Tiny Pretty Things in the near future – here’s what we know so far about a second season of the series

While new episodes of the show are not yet in the works, it’s very likely that they’ll be out soon based on how popular Tiny Pretty Things is with viewers, Netflix doesn’t follow a strict schedule when it comes to renewing its original productions: sometimes one gets new season ordered within a few days of its premiere, and sometimes it doesn’t renew until a few months later.Basically, it’s a good time to turn on news notifications for Tiny Pretty Things and hope the news comes sooner rather than later

If Netflix decides to release more episodes after the students at Chicago’s acclaimed (and fictional) Archer School of Ballet, chances are it will take them a year or two to get through production started on season one in August 2019 – the day Netflix announced its series contract on the show – and ended the following December

Depending on how long it takes to resume work on the show, it could well be another year and a half for a second season to premiere and the release date is around mid-2022 Netflix has been known to be moving faster, but Tiny Pretty Things may take longer to produce as the show’s stunning dance scenes need to be choreographed and rehearsed in addition to everything else needed to create a 10-episode series

Netflix ‘decision to renew Tiny Pretty Things could be made much easier by the fact that the book it is based on has a sequel that could definitely be broken down for content on a new season’s Shiny Broken Pieces right where its predecessor left off Bette, June and Neveah (Gigi in the books), now seniors at ASB, are focused on winning the lead role in the annual school expo and securing a spot on a large ballet company after graduating when they thought Tiny Pretty Things were an incredibly intense story of cutthroat competition, just wait to see what happens when you add in the unreserved desire of a certain ballerina to avenge the events of the past year, let’s just say it might be the slightest worry this time, off the roof getting bumped into school

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