One of the best parts of Christmas is to drive around to look at all the efforts that random people have lighted their homes for for the festive season

But the hunt for the best home is over. Overnight, Melbourne proved they won the Christmas Lights Game thanks to some legends who turned their homes into tributes to Dan Andrews’ remix “Get on the Beers”

Yes, not one, but TWO separate houses in Kings Park and Sandringham have dedicated their 2020 displays to one of the biggest tracks of this year: the remix “Get on the Beers (with Dan Andrews)” by Mashd N Kutcher

The first house in Kings Park is certainly the most impressive The LED lights on the front of the house are perfectly tuned to spell every word Dan Andrews spoke

When the beat falls, the whole house turns the street into an impromptu rave place, the dedication and effort here is truly a sight to behold

But the stunning nature of this light display is not at all surprising. This Kings Park house is known for its exaggerated Christmas lights that synchronize perfectly with music

Minh Tuan Nguyen, the 22-year-old legend behind the Kings Park Light Display, has been doing the tireless task for seven years. Last year alone, he programmed his home to include 12 different songs such as “Takeaway” by The Chainsmokers and “Lighter Than Air” was dubbed by MaRLo and Feenixpawl

In an interview with journalist Ruth Barber, Nguyen explained that the whole matter would take a lot of time, especially since he is completely self-taught

“It’s something I whipped myself – I learned from the internet,” Nguyen told the website. “It took me about 15 days to set the lights up and 10 to 14 days to get every song on the Computer programming ”

While the second home in Sandringham doesn’t exactly mirror the lyrics for “Get on the Beers”, the multicolored light show actually includes footage of Dan Andrews from the original “Beers” press conference. And I mean, Australia has no culture? Try again, honey

In case you need a refresher, the Victorian Prime Minister famously said, “You can’t go to the pub because the pub is closed That doesn’t mean you can have all of your friends at home and drink beers That’s not appropriate It is not essential, it is not needed and all it will do is spread the virus “before it is hacked by Mashd N Kutcher

Despite that original “Beers” press conference in April, Mashd N Kutcher’s remix made Australia never forget Dan Andrew’s comments

After the title was released in April, the remix “Get on the Beers” quickly hit the iTunes list and even cracked the top 20. Since then, the remix has been released at festivals in Perth and is now Australia’s new unofficial Christmas anthem 2020

Now we know what is needed next We hope that Minh Tuan Nguyen hears our requests for 2021


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Get On The Beers Christmas Lights

World News – AU – This light ad by Dan Andrews “Get On The Beers” is truly a Christmas miracle