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WITH Christmas Day just around the corner, you might feel like a little festive cheer – of course in the form of some classic Christmas carols

Nikki Spears, 31, from London, has created a devilishly difficult new emoji quiz that challenges players to identify all 15 of these well-known Christmas tracks. How fast can you name them all?

The “self-proclaimed trivia geek” started offering cryptic emoji quizzes during the lockdown earlier this year and shared them with Femail by the annual celebration at the latest

Each emojis sequence represents a familiar Christmas tune, but you have to be the ultimate celebratory fan to get it right

While some are instantly recognizable, others are annoyingly difficult, and you may need a second set of eyes to complete this

Do you think you can pass the test? Try the quiz yourself! Answers can be found at the bottom of the page …

1Swings around the Christmas tree2Fairy Tales of New York3Once in Royal Davids City4I saw three ships5Stop the cavalry6Frosty the Snowman7Silent Night8The First Noel9White Christmas10Drive Home for Christmas11Jingle Bell Rock12Santa Baby13Santa Claus is coming to town14Winter days15They are coming to town14Winter days15

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Christmas carols, Christmas carols

World news – AU – This emoji quiz contains 15 Christmas carols Can YOU name them all?