Thérèse Maxi didn’t expect to drop the Sixers first round pick to No 21 in the NBA 2020 draft While he does not feel any hard feelings about the teams he missed, Maxi seems to think his shot numbers may be the reason for his relegation

In Kentucky, Maxi started in 28 of his 31 appearances while showing flashes of being an excellent combo keeper at the next level, his shooting stats stand out on paper in a slightly negative way

From the field, Maxey drained 42 percent of his attempts out of three, dropped just under 30 percent. Given the Sixers need to prioritize filming during this year’s season, Maxey’s choice may have made some people scratch their heads however, Maxey and the office believe Front Sixers that he will only get better at shooting from now on.

“People are really focused on shooting him,” said Dary Murray, head of basketball operations at Sixers, following the draft early Thursday morning. “We do a lot of things to try to look at the mechanics and look at other measurable items to see how he’ll shoot in the pros, and we strongly believe Tyrese will shoot better than the number that stays next to his name. We are optimistic about his shot”

Since spring, Maxey has made it his priority to improve photography so, the 20-year-old has put in hundreds of shots every day during every training session in which he participates. The first coach explained: “My goal is in the 6 AM session, he took 750 to 800 [shot ], Then lift, go back, and do it again “

“I want to show people that I’m absolutely better than the numbers say, Maxi continued.” What I used to do is work out at 6 in the morning, go to the elevator at 8, and come back to the gym at 10, sometimes I come back later From today I want to be able to show everyone that I can tear down those trios I am absolutely better than my numbers show, and that’s something I want to show to the next level ”

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