One of the favorites to win I’m a celebrity Get Me Out Of Here You quit the show unexpectedly, leaving your co-stars in tears

One of the favorites to win I’m a Celebrity Get me out of here End the show unexpectedly during the Wednesday night episode

Comedian Mel Buttle was the first star to retire from the competition due to her snake phobia

Buttle was visibly shaken when Real Housewives Of Melbourne star Pettifleur Berenger spotted a snake near the campsite

“I have a real snake phobia,” said Buttle after the sighting in front of the camera. “It’s very strong. This takes place where I go on vacation. That’s why I did almost no comedy tour to India. It’s all

“I just don’t know how to go to sleep or go to the bathroom or get my laundry here, “said the rattling star

Eventually the comedian decided to quit the show and her roommates burst into tears when she informed them of her decision

“I have something to tell you,” Buttle said to the group. “I have a huge snake phobia. It’s not just a fear, I have a massive phobia and it’s a really bad, bad phobia I’m not even afraid of that they’ll bite me, it’s not that, it’s the picture of them, even a photo of them

“I wanted to try to come here and see how well I would do and today I was crazy with Pettifleur all day,” she said “I don’t want to do this, but unfortunately I have to go”

The other celebrities were shocked by Butle’s decision, but did their best to comfort the emotional star

“I know I’ll regret it, but I can always get a Bachelor In Paradise,” joked one tearful Buttle

Buttle’s decision to leave for fear of snakes came just a day after Toni Pearen was bitten in the face by jungle carpet pythons during one of the show’s challenges

Pearen was bleeding from his face and had to see a doctor after being bitten at least three times

The confronting challenge sparked outrage from some viewers, who criticized the show for allowing the challenge to continue despite being repeatedly bitten

In a statement to NewscomAu, Pearen said, “I knew I was safe. I was immediately taken care of by a paramedic I knew the snakes weren’t venomous. I was definitely shocked, but I wasn’t in pain and I was proud on my courage and my determination ”

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Mel Buttle

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