Christian Porter says he is the cabinet minister referred to in a letter sent to the prime minister regarding a historic rape lawsuit. He denied any wrongdoing

Christian Porter says he will not step down as attorney general but will take a “short vacation” because of his sanity

A lawyer representing the woman who made rape allegations against a cabinet minister says it is important that the man speak publicly today

Sources within the government say the minister is likely to break his silence today to make a statement and answer several questions from journalists

An anonymous letter sent to several MPs last week alleged that a 16-year-old girl was raped in 1988 by a man who is now a minister in the federal government

The woman committed suicide last year and New South Wales Police said yesterday that their investigation into the matter was closed

Michael Bradley, who was representing the woman, told Channel Nine that the minister’s decision to speak today was an “appropriate” move for him

“I hope he digs into the claim right away and we’ll all hear what he thinks about it, and that will somehow determine what the next step should be

“I also hope that at some point he or someone in the government will say something that recognizes my client’s humanity, which has unfortunately been absent so far”

Mr Bradley said the man should be presumed innocent until proven guilty and, given the NSW police’s decision to declare the matter closed, “that presumption of innocence will always stand”

“This is not a matter that will ever be resolved through criminal proceedings,” said Bradley

“The question here, however, is that we have a cabinet minister with a very grave charge against him The question is whether he can continue his role “

Labor Home Secretary Kristina Keneally told Sky News she agreed with Mr. Bradley, saying that even without a police investigation there was “a case to answer”

“That doesn’t mean there is no reason to answer for whether this minister is a suitable person to sit at the cabinet table,” she said

“And whether the Prime Minister in charge of the Cabinet has done enough to convince himself, his Cabinet Ministers and the Australian community that he has confidence in this Minister”

Opposition leader Anthony Albanese supported calls from friends of the woman to investigate the allegation

“Whether this is a proper investigation in South Australia [or] whether it is some other form of independent market research, “he said

“It is very clear that I believe this requires further guidance and action”

The sexual assault allegation has dominated national media attention, dwarfing the 16 men in the coalition government’s cabinet since the anonymous letter was sent to several MPs last week

Parliament building culture and politics have been scrutinized in recent weeks after former Liberal worker Brittany Higgins publicly alleged that another worker raped her in a ministerial office in March 2019

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World news – AU – Lawyer for women at the center of historical rape allegations welcomes the awaited public statement by the Cabinet Minister