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Former ABC broadcaster turned funeral, Verity James played a key role in the funeral of former Rebel Bikie boss Nick Martin


Hundreds of bikes said goodbye to the murdered Bikie boss in Pinnaroo Cemetery yesterday afternoon

The funeral was broadcast to people across the country to give them a glimpse into Nick Martin’s life through the words of Verity James

James told 6PR Breakfast that she met Nick Martin six years ago at a funeral she was serving for another rebel member

Nick Martin was gunned down in front of spectators earlier this month in an alleged sniper attack at the Perth Motorplex

“It is very easy to see Nick as a Bikie boss villain but he has a mother, a sister, a daughter who’s just broken ”

“Ultimately, everyone deserves the best possible parting they can get, and it is up to the celebrant to give these people some comfort but also to represent the person who is gone””

She said there were hundreds of people at the funeral, all of whom mourned the loss of the former rebel’s boss

“It’s not up to me to judge what kind of person he is, it’s up to me to represent the family and their history”

“I was using a language that I probably wouldn’t have used if I had spoken to the Dalkeith Croquet Club”

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