Posted: 09:26 GMT, Jan. February 2021 | Updated: 09:26 GMT, Jan. February 2021

A banned Olympic swimmer has asked the public to donate to her GoFundMe page to fight an appeal against a doping ban

Australian swimmer Shayna Jack was banned from the sport for four years after testing positive for the banned black market muscle building ligandrol in July 2019

The 22-year-old was originally banned from the Sports Arbitration Court for four years, but the verdict was cut in half last November after Jack appealed

Her suspension was shortened to two years as the arbitral tribunal determined that she did not knowingly ingest the prohibited substance

Banned Olympic swimmer Shayna Jack (pictured) has turned to raising legal costs to combat a doping ban with a GoFundMe page

Sport Integrity Australia is appealing this decision as there is clarity about the legal principles against doping, reported Seven

Before her next hearing, Jack posted a video on her 32nd000 Instagram followers in which she urged fans to donate to her GoFundMe page so she can continue to fight the ban

“I’ll reach out to all of you while I seek help,” said the swimmer in the video

Jack said her family had 130Spent $ 000 on “legal fees, court fees, testing fees and more” when she competed against Sport Integrity Australia

The talented swimmer said neither she nor her family had the resources to fight the appeal and risked receiving the maximum ban if she doesn’t fight the decision in court

Ms. Jack went to great lengths to prove her innocence She cut strands of hair for samples and had her teeth whitener tested to determine where the traces of the illegal substance came from

Jack provided the court with three possible sources for their positive reading The first was that their supplements could be contaminated

Another scenario was that the supplements were made in a blender that was being used by their boyfriend or sibling and that it was possibly contaminated with Ligandrol

The final possibility was that she came into contact with the banned substance while using a public pool or gym in Queensland while exercising prior to the World Swimming Championships in May and June 2019

The Court of Abritition said Jack openly admitted that she did not know how the banned substance got into her system

Shayna Jack and her teammates won gold in the 100m Freestyle Relay Final at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in 2018

‘There is simply no evidence that any of these speculative possibilities actually caused the Prohibited Substance to be present in their system,’ the ruling reads

Olympic gold medalist and teammate Cate Campbell said Ms. Jack was “not the type of person” who would use a performance-enhancing drug

The swimmer was supposed to be competing in the Tokyo Olympics but will now watch her teammates from home

“It breaks my heart every day that I can’t be in the pool with my teammates,” said the sprint freestyle specialist and fought back tears

‘It breaks my heart every day that I am still against these people who I feel like dropping myself down all the time It breaks my heart every day thinking that I can never win’

Jack has said that neither she nor her family had the resources to fight the appeal and she is risking the maximum ban if she does not fight in court

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World News – AU – The Olympic swimmer asks fans to donate to GoFundMe to help fight the drug ban