Punky Brewster fans got their first look at the’ 80s icon as an adult with the release of the show’s new trailer

The series revival is a sequel to the hit sitcom set 36 years after its premiere in 1984

Soleil Moon Frye returns as Punky Brewster, a role that made her a household name

In the 2021 season, Punky just got divorced from Travis (played by Freddie Prinze Jr, the teenage heartbreaker of the 90s)) and controls life as a single mother to her three children

Punky also takes on foster child Izzy, who reminds her of her own childhood experience when she was sponsored by widowed photographer Harry Warnimont

Unfortunately, George Gaynes, who played Punky’s foster father Harry, passed away in 2016 at the age of 98

It also looks like Buffy the vampire actor Seth Green is going to guest-star on an episode when a man Punky is dating Green shared a throwback photo on Instagram of him, Frye and three other teenage friends hanging out in his bedroom with a photo from the Punky Brewster set

Filmed with safety logs during the coronavirus pandemic, Punky Brewster paid tribute to the hard work of the cast and crew in making the show during a troubled time in a long Instagram post

She hopes Punky Brewster will be a source of light amid all the challenges society is currently facing. “I feel so lucky that we were able to turn our season around during this time, and I hope our punky powers will somehow do so can help spread the love, “she said of a photo from the set

“Staying in production has been a real blessing We are forever grateful I am aware of the challenges we face both personally and globally. With great love and gratitude we are here and I will work to using my punky power to try to do good in the world “

Punky Brewster

World News – AU – The official Punky Brewster reboot trailer reveals what the icon is doing right now

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