This year’s NRL season will feature a full 25 rounds after the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted last year’s schedule, kicking off Thursday the 11th March, games are played away and at home, including in New Zealand

Unlike other codes, as part of the draw, the NRL set their entire season with eight games a week to keep you boxed

For 2021 we even get a series with three matches on the country of origin, which is said to be another nail biter.The season begins with an exciting crescendo on March 3 October with the grand finale

We have been a partner of the NRL for 20 years. These are 20 years of exciting moments that have unfolded before our eyes, moments that simply make NRL the best

The NRL first aired between Balmain and Norths in 1961. Half a game was televised every weekend as a test.Since then we’ve watched sports broadcasts and technology take a quantum leap

Games are now broadcast in glorious high definition, with technology deployed across the field to bring you the action from every angle

Our partnership with the NRL has also introduced new technology to the game including the Telstra Tracker TheTelstra Trackercombines Technology and Sports bring fans closer to the game with live player insights It tracks the player’s speed, intensity and ground cover

Technological advancement gives every viewer the best seat in the house when it comes to the 2021 NRL season, and we also have new and exciting ways to see the games in-store

Earlier this year we announced that we were going to change the way you enjoy NRL games with us

Through an exclusive deal with Kayo, eligible Telstra customers who previously used the NRL Live Pass can get $ 20 / month off Kayo’s basic subscription for 12 months, meaning they can use the Footy – and about 50 other national ones and international sports – can enjoy from your mobile device and almost any screen in your home for just $ 5 / month

If you’re a Telstra customer but haven’t seen AFL or NRL games on our apps, we’re offering Kayo $ 10 a month so you can go crazy

Kayo takes sports streaming to another level, offering multiple sports across multiple screens at once, with features like SplitView on select devices, allowing you to view up to four events at once, so you won’t miss a minute even if there are planning conflicts for those big games

Telstra’s official NRL app is still home to all of the other features NRL fans know and love, including the latest news, full game replays, live scores, stats, highlights and more

The new game brings the home teams back in front of the home crowd, in some cases for the first time since the pandemic started

It’s good to get into action on your couch, but nothing comes close to standing up with other fans to cheer on your favorite team

Our Telstra Plus loyalty program gives you access to discounts on tickets to NRL games and a host of other benefits. You can register on our website

We’re also working hard with our partners at AFL to bring the live sports experience of the future to places like Marvel Stadium and the MCG

We can’t wait for the first whistle of the season as we start another great year with Footy

Redeem by 31 May 2021 Must sign up through Telstra You can cancel at any time and return to standard rates after 12 months. To be eligible, customers must purchase a Telstra NRL Live Pass service before May 22nd Redeemed December 2020 and kept that active Telstra service used to redeem

Live pass,

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