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A prominent columnist has called for Bill Shorten to be kicked out of parliament on historical allegations of sexual assault

Nine commentators, Jessica Irvine, clashed with Nationals Senator Matt Canavan on Wednesday on the Today Show, arguing that no minister accused of sexual misconduct should be allowed to keep his job

Mr Shorten has dismissed rape allegations from the 1980s after a 10-month investigation that was later closed, he was never charged by Victoria police

The woman made the allegations in 2013, claiming that Mr. Shorten raped her in 1986 in a Young Labor camp near Geelong

“I won’t go into details other than to say that the claim was false and hideous,” he said at the time,

When asked by Mr. Canavan if Mr. Shorten should stay at his place of work, Ms. Irvine replied, “No, I would say no ‘

“We have to change the standard of behavior [of politicians],” she said. “We don’t want people who have been accused of such things [to remain in parliament] ‘

Commentator Jessica Irvine hit the former Labor leader in an extraordinary outburst on the Today Show Wednesday morning

When asked by Senator Matt Canavan whether Mr. Shorten should stay in his job, Ms. Irvin replied, “No, I would say no”

The discussion comes just hours before a senior cabinet minister accused three decades ago of raping a 16-year-old girl will identify himself and deny wrongdoing

The woman told police last year that he raped her in Sydney’s Kings Cross after a night of drinking and dancing in January 1988, but took his own life months later

“I am really mad that we are going to give a man accused of rape a national platform,” Ms. Irvine said

‘As an Australian, I find it disgusting that this woman cannot speak for herself, she has taken her own life

‘And today we are going to hear from a man in an incredible position of power who will be able to stand his case and arouse sympathy for his situation

Mr Canavan then accused Ms Irvine of assuming that the minister, whose identity will be revealed today, is guilty

“They seem to assume he is guilty, and that is a reversal of our normal standard of innocence until proven guilty,” said the senator

Bill Shorten (pictured with wife Chloe) previously dismissed rape allegations from the 1980s after Victoria Police completed an investigation into him in 2014

The high-ranking federal cabinet minister, who three decades ago was accused of raping a 16-year-old girl, will publicly declare his innocence today (archive image)

Bill Shorten was accused of rape by a woman who alleged the former Labor leader assaulted her in 1986 during a Young Labor conference in Portarlington, near Geelong, Victoria

The Victorian Police have not brought any charges and on Jan. On August 14th, 2014, Mr Shorten released a brief statement confirming that police had closed their investigations into the claims

The allegation surfaced in September 2014 after the woman posted a message on Kevin Rudd’s Facebook page amid his goodbye message to the nation

She wrote to Shorten, “Did things to me without my permission” in a warehouse in Victoria 27 years ago “You probably get crazy news all the time,” she added, “but I need help Thanks again for everything and.” I am sorry that the ALP did the same to you ‘

She claimed she was 16 when 19-year-old Shorten allegedly raped her in the bathroom of one of the cubicles after drinking and smoking marijuana

The woman claims she made one complaint to the police in NSW in 2004 and in Queensland in 2006. She gave up both complaints

After a 10-month investigation, the Victorian Police decided not to bring charges and on Dec. On August 28, 2014, Mr Shorten released a brief statement in Melbourne confirming that police had closed their investigations into the claims

“I won’t go into the details other than to say the allegation was false and hideous,” Shorten said at a press conference

Ms. Irvine argued that no MP on either side of politics is “good enough at their job to be irreplaceable”

Scott Morrison has been under pressure to leave the Minister, withhold him and open an investigation since detailed allegations were sent to his office

He said the politician had told him the allegation was not true, but the minister had now agreed to make a statement on Wednesday

The police stopped the investigation Tuesday because there was insufficient admissible evidence to proceed after the woman’s suicide last June

The minister had hoped to keep the matter private from the police, but rumors have been circulating in Canberra and on social media over the past week

He is expected to clearly deny the allegations and refuse to stand aside or leave Parliament and that Mr Morrison and the government will stand behind him

Such a self-excursion would be akin to the rejection of sexual assault allegations by former opposition leader Bill Shorten in August 2014 after Victoria Police completed a historical investigation into him

“I won’t go into details other than to say that the claim was false and hideous,” he said at the time,

The statement should draw a line, and Wednesday is expected to attempt to do the same

An anonymous sender said he was inspired to write a letter (pictured) listing the woman’s allegations after former Liberal associate Brittany Higgins brought an allegation to the public

Mr Morrison said he did not read the letter but forwarded it to the Australian Federal Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw (picture)

Further pressure to come forward came from former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who insisted on television that he go public because “everyone knows” who he is

The minister is said to have received advice on defamation along with thousands of others on social media and blogs, according to Mr Turnbull’s comments

Crossbench MPs also piled up, some calling for an independent investigation, which Mr Morrison had previously opposed

There were even fears that a member of parliament could use parliamentary privilege to dismiss him with impunity if both Houses were to be released on Dec. March sit again

Tasmanian Senator Jacquie Lambie asked him to vacuum it up and make a statement because every man and his dog know, so he just digs his hole deeper

Senator for the Green Party, Sarah Hanson-Young, who along with Senators Penny Wong and Mr Morrison had received a letter from a friend of the woman last week detailing their allegations, agreed

“The accused minister knows who he is, the entire parliament knows who he is,” she told the Sydney Morning Herald

‘If he is innocent, he should step forward and explain it. The integrity of his ministry and the entire government is now in question as he hides on such a grave allegation directed against him’

In November 2019, a then 48-year-old woman visited a police station in Adelaide, South Australia for advice on reporting historical sexual offenses alleged to have occurred in Sydney, New South Wales in 1988

The matter was then referred to the NSW Police Force and an investigation by the Child Abuse and Sex Crimes Team under Strike Force Wyndarra was initiated

The NSW Police Force has been the lead agency in relation to this investigation since February 2020.For various reasons, the woman has not detailed her allegations in a formal statement to NSW police

The woman died in June 2020.After the woman’s death, the NSW police came into possession of a personal document that had allegedly previously been made by the woman

NSW Police have since sought legal advice on these matters Based on information provided to NSW Police, there is insufficient admissible evidence to proceed

The woman’s claim went public last week after Scott Morrison received a letter from a mysterious sender containing the statement

Police were scheduled to travel to their home in Adelaide in March 2020 to make their statement, but their trip has been postponed due to Covid-19

In June, the woman withdrew her allegation and died of suicide the next day The investigation was on hold before it officially closed this week

According to Four Corners, who first reported the allegation on Friday, the woman had bipolar disorder and had been to a Melbourne mental hospital in the months before she died at the age of 49

Not only did the woman leave her prepared testimony, but she also made a 45-minute recording speaking of her allegations, according to Herald Sun

In a letter to a friend she wrote, “I think I’m just worried that a lawsuit has the potential to be an emotional bloodbath, especially for me and anyone who witnesses the case ‘” / P>

NSW police said the officers sought legal advice on a “personal document” created by the woman

The woman had told several family members and friends of her allegation, presumably it was one of them who sent the letter to Mr Morrison, Liberal MP Celia Hammond and two South Australian Senators requesting an investigation

The anonymous sender said he was inspired to write the letter after former Liberal aide Brittany Higgins went public claiming she was raped by another member of the Parliamentary Office of Defense Secretary Linda Reynolds in 2019. p>

Ms Higgins’ allegations dominated the last two weeks of the Parliament’s session, when ministers were repeatedly harassed about who knew of their demands and when

Calling for an investigation into the 1988 allegation, the sender wrote: “The perception of justice in the community will be seriously damaged, and Parliament, if this story is published, if at the same time it becomes known that older people (like yourself) are themselves were aware of the allegation but did nothing ‘

The identity of the cabinet minister is known to the media and politicians, but cannot be disclosed for legal reasons

The minister’s code of conduct requires that a minister stand aside if charged with a crime

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has asked the Minister to reveal himself, saying it is “impossible for him to work in this cabinet”

Mr Morrison said he spoke to the Minister on Wednesday night and vigorously denied the allegations’

He said he had not read the letter but had been informed of the contents of the allegations

When asked if he would open an investigation, he said, ‘I’m not the police, I gave it to the police to investigate’

He refused to dismiss the minister, saying, “We cannot have a situation where the mere making of an accusation and being publicized by the media are grounds for governments to hold people back on the basis of what I mean ‘We have the rule of law in this country’

Mr Morrison said the first time he essentially heard of the allegation was last week, before he only heard rumors that a journalist was investigating, he said

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