The next flood will determine the extent of the damage inflicted on Pumicestone Passage and Golden Beach after the wild weather on Bribie Island s banks

Caloundra Coast Guard Volunteer Commander Roger Pearce said Tuesday morning’s flood could further damage the island’s shores

“At the moment no channel is broken, the waves are breaking over the surface,” he said

â ???? But there is a 2morning at 2:00 am, so we might have another problem tomorrow at 8:30 am

â ???? There is nothing we can do right now I’m speaking to the council this afternoon, they could try making a sandbagâ ????

The council’s civil protection coordinator, Kathy Buck, said the council was still assessing the damage

“It looks like it’s just an exaggeration, not a breakthrough, but full confirmation will come after the tide has fallen and we can make a full assessment”She said

The next hour will be critical in protecting Pumicestone Passage and Golden Beach after wild weather and swell broke the shores of Bribie Island

A 2 m wide and 1 m deep hole at the north end of Bribie Island was discovered by a fisherman on Monday morning

“We have an hour of swell and high tide, so it gets worse,” he said

Mr Pearce said the falling tide could widen the hole, causing greater erosion and endangering the Golden Sands

â ???? In a few hours the water will want to get out of the passage and it will be at a higher level in the passage than at the sea, so the water will flow back through this hole a???? he said

“Bells Creek and Roy” are much further down and the water from these areas is two hours after normal high tide As soon as it turns around, if there’s a hole in the island, it flows out thereâ ????

Mr Pearce said he and other Coast Guard volunteers were on their way to investigate the damage


The Sunshine Coast Council will begin assessing coastal damage over the weekend after the flood


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