Today we have stories about Apple’s “ultra” security measures, someone putting entire movies on floppy disks, and a deep dive into how we can connect without touch in a post-pandemic world this opening salvo let’s meet a family of dancing robots

Watch the Atlas robot, and the entire Boston Dynamics family, including the dog-like spot and box-stacking handle, dance to The Contours “Do You Love Me,” and you’ll find either affection or repulsion Boston Dynamics is now 80 percent owned by automaker Hyundai but retains its sense of humor

Although Google’s Home Max was officially retired and taken off sale a few weeks ago, the Google Store is putting the speaker up for sale again while displaying a message that the device is sold out and asking customers to instead While trying out a pair of the new Nest Audio devices, you can still try out a charcoal gray Home Max speaker for $ 179

Everything we said in our review stays the same as this voice activated speaker has great sound quality and is built right into the Google Assistant ecosystem, the best part is that it is now no longer $ 400 – at least while stocks lastRead more

A Redditor compresses entire movies to a resolution of 120 x 96 pixels at a silky smooth four frames per second.As such, they could cram Shrek onto a medium with a storage size of 44MB or about 003 percent of a DVD’s 47GB capacity. GreedyPaint Shrek pulverized to 137MB, so there was even some space left

To play the thing, you can plug a floppy disk drive into a Raspberry Pi, as part of a custom VCR system affectionately known as the LimaTek Diskmaster. When the device is turned on, a homemade animation appears asking the Redditor to do a Insert the hard drive If it does, the movie will start playing automatically – just don’t expect it to look good at allRead more

What will the world look like after the pandemic? Anyway, technology will be central to everything. The memories of this year are still raw, and the conditioning – wash your hands for two “Happy Birthday” songs! Don’t touch your face! – is still instinctive

In 2020, the tech industry has developed products aimed at minimizing, disinfecting, or tracking physical contact Think: wearables that prevent you from touching your face, or non-contact touchscreens and buttons which of them will we discard when society fully opens up again and what could become permanent? Chris Ip reports on what happened in 2020 and what we can expect next yearRead more

We knew that day was coming since 2019, but now that it is finally here, consider this a friendly reminder.For most people, shutdown is probably just a minor inconvenience when they find Cloud Print still their default print option is

There was once a way to print from Chromebooks before native device support was added and make remote printing easier on a range of home / office devices.As with so many other Google services, it no longer shows up So be sure to check your print settings in Chrome before you get an unpleasant surprise on Monday morningRead more

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