As part of an online campaign, the Mandalorian fans asked the makers to make Sebastian Stan, the star of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, their next Luke Skywalker For some time now, the makers have been suggesting that of Jon Favreau created show upon Luke Skywalker’s arrival at The Mandalorian.Some have said that they would prefer an aged Mark Hamill while others said they would prefer any other actor since it was time for new talent is to shine. Part of the Twitterati, however, has already started seeing Sebastian Stan as Luke Skywalker The Twitter reactions and appeals found below speak in favor of casting Sebastian Stan as Luke Skywalker in The Mandalorian. p>

I would see Sebastian Stan play a young Luke Skywalker Would love to see a conversation between him and Ahsoka about Anakin A great poster by @ ryansmallman # StarWars #TheMandalorian #SebastianStanforLuke #SebastianStan #LukeSkywalker ImageTwittercom / x4fNEcggG5

@disneyplus that has to be done and fast! #AhsokaTano #ahsokalives #Ahsoka #LukeSkywalker #SebastianStan #macewindu #samueljackson #TheMandalorian #DisneyPlus #StarWars #Grogu #BabyYoda #RosarioDawson picTwittercom / o3AG5dMQoJ

After seeing #TheMandalorian and #ashokatano, I wonder if @disneyplus and @Jon_Favreau managed to get #SebastianStan to play #lukeskywalker in an episode BildTwittercom / HdJhJjR3Yq

@Jon_Favreau @dave_filoni Please consider having Sebastian Stan as Luke Skywalker for #TheMandalorian #SebastianStan #LukeSkywalker #ThisIsTheWay #MayTheForceBeWithYou picTwittercom / XtUjc15EEa

Instead of spending millions on an eerie valley digitally @HamillHimself on a possible Luke appearance on The Mandalorian, could you just cast Sebastian Stan instead? @Bosslogic #TheMandalorian #lukeskywalker #Grogu #SebastianStan picTwittercom / ba5ApKOuaS

Okay, so ready to see #SebastianStan appear as the middle-aged #LukeSkywalker in the new #DisneyPlus # StarWars series #TheMandalorian! And will we see a very young #KyloRen? BildTwittercom / tzdKgCYzD6

Could we see Luke Skywalker at the Mandalorian? #starwars #themandalorian @HamillHimself # SebastianStan # BabyYoda #Grogu # TheChild # thejedi #lukeskywalkerhttps: // tco / bsjCeAKMwv via @thathashtagshow

I think we need to get #SebastianStan to play the young #LukeSkywalker on @themandalorian # Season2 #TheMandalorian @dave_filoni @Jon_Favreau, does that approve @HamillHimself? ImageTwittercom / B8PxI14eus

I’m just saying if we have a young #LukeSkywalker on #TheMandalorian it has to be #SebastianStan @dave_filoni @Jon_Favreau picTwittercom / M9v3QXB5sL

True to their reputation for evoking extreme reactions from viewers, the Mandalorian creators dropped a surprise in the season two finale of The Mandalorian in the form of a young Luke Skywalker who was a CGI version of Mark Hamill in the finale in question legendary robot assistant R2D2 to be seen alongside Hamill’s Skywalker The final scenes of the finale of the second season of The Mandalorian served as the origin story of Skywalker’s long-term relationship with Yoda

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Sebastian Stan

World News – AU – The fans of ‘The Mandalorian’ are gathering online to cast Sebastian Stan as the young Luke Skywalker