So you’re done behind your eyes – the only Netflix show in which a sociopath is not one but two different women in astral bamboo tent He protruded from their own bodies inside the convict he had just left so he could command theirs, murder them, and steal the unsuspecting, good-natured man they all love – and you have questions, you are not alone

If you’re like me, you’ve been thinking of nothing but the ending behind your eyes that has ended since you saw the final scenes and the diabolical, heartbreaking, and utterly ridiculous twist that will literally haunt your dreams forever what exactly happens in the end? How could a show that starts out as a simple love triangle drama suddenly turn into something so mind-boggling WTF? Let’s try to figure everything out here and remember: I will never try to trade bodies with you through astral projection or any other means

In her defense, Louise does not yet know that Rob is in Adele’s body or that a body swap is possible through astral projection so that she cannot fathom the depths of his depravity.But Louise’s openness to the call is astounding since she is still on the same Tag had learned about Adele’s chilling behavior in the past and had just met up with David to let him know that “Adele is a nutter – like a clinical psychopath, a sociopath or whatever.” She had even literally made a promise to David herself Keeping away from Adele Instead, she’s doing just the opposite

During the call, she spilled the beans on going to the police to tell them David might have killed Rob, reveals that David went to Scotland to show the police where Rob’s body is, and asks Adele to tell this truth to save David from falling for the murder These aren’t things a sane person would tell a Nutter It doesn’t surprise everyone but Louise that the call ends with Adele saying the “Fuck off ! ” Screams into the phone like a banshee

Louise, who for some reason waits until she is almost inside to call real rescue workers, comes and does whatever Rob as Adele expects of her. Louise is desperate to get inside after seeing smoke from the basement sees rising up, and decides that her only option is to astrally project your way through the door. During the confrontation, Adele had specifically mentioned that with astral projection you can only access places that you have seen firsthand, and we hear these words echo as Louise floats into the house. In a previous episode, Adele had brought Louise upstairs into the bedroom with the forest on the wall, and now we know why Louise’s red consciousness goes up and soon hovers over Adele’s lifeless body, the lies on the bed

This is where the really crazy stuff starts.Adele’s blue tinted consciousness, which we still don’t know for sure is really Robs, lurks in a corner of the room above and behind Louises, and it sneaks down the stairs and steps into Louises Body in Louise approaches and grins madly with excitement Meanwhile, Louise enters Adele’s body when she sees Adele faint and fears she might die. Louise opens her eyes as Adele is instantly overwhelmed and immobilized by the heroin in her system / p>

Enter Louise, who is still supposed to be Adele, but who implies that she is indeed not Adele. As this suspicious information begins to subside, Rob as Louise injects even more heroin into Louise than Adele, a fatal dose of Louise speaks one last word through Adele’s mouth: Adam, which is funny considering she never thought about what might happen to her nine year old son when she made the very bad decision of becoming a desperate, cornered sociopath I had been warned repeatedly to stay away

But there’s a problem: Adam’s final shot, which could be straight out of a Jordan Peele movie, shows David, Louise, and Adam driving somewhere after the wedding ceremony and discussing what to do for the honeymoon, Louise suggests a cruise before “But you hate boats,” says Adam from the backseat. Louise turns to him with a malicious grin and says, “Maybe I’ve changed” Adam is so shitty

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