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You are! If the opening credits – again with that familiar hexagon shape – weren’t enough to point you out, this riff on the show’s iconic staircase is a dead giveaway

Do we have any ideas how Wanda got pregnant or why the babies grew so quickly?

It’s a good bet that Wanda used her reality-distorting powers to enable the reproduction of a human and a synthetoid, which happened in a similar plot in the Marvel Comics, however we don’t know how those powers or the rules of the “City” in which Wanda and Vision are apparently trapped and influenced their children’s pregnancy. It’s good that they decorated the kindergarten as soon as possible! Who is Pietro again?

When we first met Wanda in Avengers: Age of Ultron (or, if you want to get technical, the midcredits scene from Captain America: The Winter Soldier), she was joined by her superspeedy twin brother Pietro, aka Quicksilver played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson Sadly, Pietro’s first real outing was his last when he sacrificed his life to save Hawkeye and a civilian kid from Ultron’s gunshots

So is it just a coincidence that she has twins? Will the comics shed light on Wanda’s children?

The version of this story from the comics may offer a clue, but we have to warn you that it’s ridiculous In short, after Wanda and Vision get married and have children, their twin sons Thomas and William become shards of the demon’s soul exposed, in which they are taken up as his tiny baby hands (yes, really) – a tragedy that eventually leads Wanda into insanity (and rewriting reality through grief) years after that tragedy, however, it turns out that two Young Avengers characters, Billy (aka Wiccan, whose powers are reminiscent of his mother, the Scarlet Witch) and Tommy (aka Speed, whose powers are reminiscent of his late uncle Mercury) are indeed Wanda’s reborn children.They are reunited Everything works!

In the second episode, you had to blink to see the tiny “Hydra” on the dial of the watch. This week it is exactly in the product name, a bubble bath called Hydra Soak. The voice-over that was featured on the famous “Calgon, take me away ”plays invites you (or probably Wanda)“ to escape to a world where your problems just float away when you want to go but I don’t want to go anywhere. The commercial ends with the suggestion that Hydra Soak “the goddess can find in himself ”, which seems to be an invitation for Wanda to remember that her almost infinite powers are more than mending broken dishes and beating her husband

What about the moment when image and sound seemed to jump over to vision? That seemed different from Wanda’s “turnaround” in episode 2

The “rewind” in episode 2 was preceded by a very clear “no” from Wanda, which strongly implied that she was the one asking reality to reflect itself. This is more of a jump than having an outside hand in seized their life and cut something out What external force? We don’t know yet

The chain that Geraldine (Teyonah Parris) wears is a sword within a circle It is the same logo (from SW.ÖRD.) that we saw on the monitor in the first episode, and the helicopter and beekeeping outfit in the second episode, which makes it seem likely – especially given that we know she is supposed to be Monica Rambeau, that she was implanted or broke into whatever hallucination or dream world Wanda experienced

Do we have any idea what happens to Geraldine at the end of the episode? Where are you?

Due to the scarlet energy surrounding Geraldine when she is evicted from town, it looks like Wanda used her powers to remove her very forcibly

Where they are we definitely know a bit more than in the last episode, the same scene shows the WandaVision universe is a real place, physical enough to be ejected by Monica Rambeau, and the setting of the trucks who drive up sure looks like earth, which seems to put an end to the idea of ​​this happening in space I realize that doesn’t limit much

Reddit had a field day on the aftermath of the past week and developed theories about how Mr. Hart’s dinner and the hands on the Strucker clock are reportedly references to certain Avengers themes, pointing to the arrival of Beyonder, Annihilus, Mephisto, and a number of other characters who have not yet appeared in the MCU, while others discovered something under the floorboards by Wanda and Vision in episode 2’s episode “In Love with a Witch,” which appears to resemble the helmet of the Marvel villain, the Grim Reaper, however, some of these details, like the apparent helmet, might just be Easter eggs, and other theories seem to align For example, one article suggests that the fact that Vision gets drunk on Big Red Gum could be a reference to the villain Mephisto because Mephisto is … tall and red

Sure, thanks to the conversation between Wanda’s neighbors Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) and Herb (David Payton), we know that at least some of the characters on the shows within a show know they’re playing a role, but they’re scared of getting caught breaking the character – presumably by the “who” in episode 2 “Who does this to you Wanda?” So far, Wanda himself is pretty much the only character we know who is powerful enough to distort reality to that extent This would be a smarter answer to the question than “random bad guys only comic book nerds have heard of” “It seems like Wanda created this reality in response to her grief over death from vision – and her fault, him at the first To have killed death – and given the way Monica’s mention of Ultron triggers it, probably her”also the death of the brother (you are right that it is probably not a coincidence that a woman who lost her twin brother somehow got along with magical twins) But the force field that Monica is thrown through looks more electric than chaos-magical from What ifWÖRD. not only keep an eye on Wandaworld but include it so that Wanda’s metaphysical rework doesn’t ruin reality itself? Stay tuned, as it is called in the TV country

Last question you say Vision is hot, but I’m not a fan of his 70s hair. Why does Vision in the human version have hair at all? Why is he not bald? How can he actually look human? Is it an illusion If I touched his hair, would my hand go right through it? How does vision smell in human version? I think it smells like Old Spice, but maybe with a metallic sheen

While the synthetic body of vision was created by Ultron, its human form appears to be some sort of hologram cast by Vision himself, which is how his skin tone, the clothes he wears, and the length and styling of his hair fall entirely with him; However, it cannot be seen that the hologram has any mass So if you’ve touched Human Vision’s fitted torso while at work, for example, you probably won’t feel the scratch of wool, but rather Vision’s sculpted, perfect chest

It is currently unclear why Vision, an advanced being with the brain of a supercomputer, thinks the haircut is a smart idea

In the comics, Vision’s body was no longer composed of synthetic but humanoid “Horton cells”, but solely of nanobots. These nanobots could apparently manifest as limp, thread-like hair if someone wanted to for some insane reason

Unfortunately, we will never know what Vision smells like unless Marvel posts a future project in Smell-O-Vision

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WandaVision Episode 3

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